great service


From the initial call to the claim process I cannot thank this company enough I had my French bulldog pup on a free insurance with the kennel club when I picked her up. while she was in the free period she jumped out of my sons arms and broke her leg I called and spoke to a lovely girl who explained everything in a very sympathetic and clear manner how to fill in the form to claim for her surgery. A week or so later I had a call from another young girl asking if I would like to continue the insurance she was very helpful explaining the different types of cover and explained that if anything reoccurred with that leg then which policy would be the best although it was a bit more expensive the cover level was higher so thought it would be worth it, and am I glad I did since them Maisey has had 2 more op's on that leg, physio and hydrotherapy all have been paid without a quibble and straight to the vet which was also and advantage as I didn't have to find the money myself. Well done Kennel club and when maisey's new sister arrives later in the year I know where I will be going.


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