I had been paying insurance to More Than for 14 years for my cat with no claims. In the last 4 years however my cat has developed athritis which has required monthly visits to the vet costing £40 per month. My renewals have gradually increased as i would expect due to his age.
So imagine my total disgust when my latest renewal arrives and my insurance has gone up from £40 per month to £104. thats £1250 per year.
Obviously i cannot afford to pay this. Why is it that i am now in a position where i have to disregard any major treatment that my 18 year old cat may require ??? I feel like ive been treated apallingly. REMEMBER i paid this for years without using it!!! So this leaves me not being able to take insurance with anyone else due to Gizmo's age. Thanks MORE THAN for absolutely being terrible!!


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