Premium increases by 4 gbp at the 1st renewal


More Than has one of the most comprehensive lifetime covers. I took out the most expensive policy for my non-pedigree kitten and she has just turned 1 in May with no claims or pre-existing conditions. The renewal policy I received was a surprise because it has gone up from 9.61 to over 13 pounds. the customer service lady was embarrassed herself and suggested I cancel and retake a new More Than policy. However, it will always go up and every year, makes me nervous to think what would happen if I actually had to make a claim, or when she gets older. At this rate I am better off having a fixed savings account set aside for my cat.


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Posted: 20/08/2014

My cats is 18. More than just put my insurance up from £40 per month to £104. I wouldnt bother if i was you!!