refusing to pay for treatment previously covered


I have had our parsons jack russell insured with them for 7 years, he was treated by my vet on two occasions with an ear infection which did not re-accur for two years,in February this year we took him to our vet who recommended he see specialist dermatologist vet at another practice, petlan refused to cover the cost of the referral and any other associated treatment,claiming he had had Otitis throughout his life (untrue my vet verified this), even though they had previously paid out, my premium costs a whopping £46 per month and is the best policy money could buy, so much for a 'lifetime cover'dealing with issue has been a nightmare, pushed from one operator to another, and their smarmy attitude appalls me, my dog has not been to the vet for anything other than boosters in his life. They are now sending out revised agreed policies although I have never agreed to any changes and exclusions. Avoid Petplan at all costs, other insurers cover the same for half the cost.


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