Nightmare!! Steer Clear!!!


Do not be fooled by the Animal 'Friends' image. This company is a disgrace. They avoid pay-outs at all costs and add small print into your contract each year they renew your policy. Every time I have made a claim for one of my animals in the last 7 years they have declined it and I have had to fight their decision. My ageing lab has previous arthritis issues so bones are written out of her policy- when I made a claim for an unrelated vulvar infection that was picked up at her check up for her arthritis they refused to pay on account of the fact that arthritis was noted at that appointment on the vets print out. My vet wrote a scathing letter to them and eventually they have paid out less the excess and less the 35% contribution that they have just pointed out is in the small print. They get a fortune from me every month for all of my animals -Id cancel if I dared.


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