Fan Bloody Tastic!


All was well until last week.... Molly was, well, being a puppy and was jumping around on the sofa when she stepped back, missed her footing and fell of the sofa - something she'd done loads of times before.... only this time, she must have fell awkwardly, she got up and was holding up her hind leg. Long story short, I rushed her to the emergency vet where they said they thought she'd probably just twisted her knee and that hopefully with rest it would ease up, on Monday we took her back to the vet and they carried out X-rays under G/A. I rang VetsMedicover to give them a heads up, within minutes they had contacted my vets, and within 3 days they had rang me and asked for my bank details!!!!!! Impressive huh!
The lady I dealt with was amazing, very polite & helpful, I was quite upset when I first rang them as had been told that my pup may have to have a op, but Ann (I think thats her name!) was brilliant. She put me at ease, was very reassuring and comforting and even had me laughing by the end of it!!!
I can't recommend this company enough!!!!!!!! Thank you to Vets MediCover!


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