I took out crème de la crème cat insurance (x 5) as I thought,"you get what you pay for". In case of Sainsburys - you get a glorified pile of turd. That's their customer service, with cherry of arrogance on top.

Straight forward claim rejected even though they were supplied with cat's "clinical history" at the time of claim, as requested. You see, it wasn't written in a way they want it to be. "Boosters? That's all she's had?" - erm, yes! I can't make up mysterious trips to vets in-between if there weren't any.

Appalling attitude, and mindboggling demands all to avoid settlement.
I'd hasten to add that in a year I've been with them the amount being claimed has already been paid to them in our combined premiums, money that I now feel has been stolen from me. It's not like I had £5.99 per month payment plan, and two months in made a claim worth a couple of thousand. Oh no! I've 2 x cats at £27+something per month, 2 at £14+something per month, 1 at £16+something (that's without looking at policies for the exact cost, let's say total "pence" add up to another £1 per month). That's roughtly £1,188 they've had in a year I've been with them. In fact, their renewal quotes have just come through (which I've promptly rejected; would like to add that at the time of taking out policies they were supposed to be at a fixed price for 2 years, but - surprise, surprise - premiums have crept up).

Their petty behaviour and pathetic attitude is below poor. As someone said here- this is the first time I've been reduced to tears by an insurance company. Shockingly, it's one that I thought had middle class mentality and treated their customers with diligence and respect, not avoid FAIR and HONEST request for vet bill settlement (directly to the vet).
I sense that Sainsburys insurance are people with scammer's mentality, therefore conduct themselves worthy of BBC's "Watchdog" villan.
Frankly, I expected something like this from someone who deals out of the back of a cab office somewhere in the most obscure corner of East London.

Go with Tesco- I've had to deal with them in the past and with a very complex and expensive case there was no hassle. I treated them fairly and got the same in return. Sainsburys got at least five times the amount in premiums but in return treated me like something you'd scrape off the bottom of your shoe. Disgusting creatures.


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