slow to pay out


Had our Welsh Springer(Digby) Spaniel insured with more than from day one, all was well until he developed epilepsy at eighteen months.This meant constant drugs for rest of his life,
Trying to keep the costs down we opted to buy our meds from one of the online prescription companies(vet 365).
Because of the £7500 limit per illness we got more years this way than having to pay the vets inflated prices.
Unfortunately the vets insist on two check-ups with bloods twice a year, this is where Morethan lost the plot. when we sent in a claim form for the vets fees and receipts from the vet 365 we would be paid for the vet, but not the vet365 receipts. Digby had to be put to sleep on Wednesday the 18th of June 2014 after six and a half years of having the illness, but just before he died the vet suggested trying an other drug called Pexium, which meant tests and consultations, and more drugs. The bills were all sent together and what do you know, no payout as yet for receipts from vet365. So after six and a half years of having to ring them every time, and bare in mind this was every two months for the drug bills for six and a half years, I have to do it again. my advice is if its short term ok, if its a long term illness check out another companies.
PS strange how the made sure they got the premium money on time.
Digby's owner, that was


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