Shockingly Bad!!


Total lack of customer service and shocking underhand tactics to avoid paying you at all costs. I have never in my life been reduced to tears by a company who want to make claiming a minefield. Seriously do not buy this insurance! I have never claimed before but they are putting obstacle after obstacle in my way not to pay me and my claim has been on-going for 2 months now. They do not have a clue what they are doing and blatantly lie to you "oh sorry the assessor is on sick leave"...."oh we did try to contact you but got side-tracked"....and the worse one "we spoke to your vet and she said we should not pay as there was a possibility she would have got this illness anyway"...I mean what!!!?? and my vet never spoke to them, in fact my vet was appalled that they would lie and use her name in vain. Really look elsewhere please don't let this unscrupulous company give anyone else the heartache that we have had :(


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Posted: 23/09/2014

Thankyou for your honest review......I was looking to take policy with Sainsbury for my dog but will definately shop elsewhere!!