Uncaring and indifferent


Claim arrived at Petplan 16th April 2014 and since they claim 90% of claims dealt with in five days I was hopeful. What a fool I was/am it's now day 25 and still no settlement. I would advise pet owners to put the insurance money away each month and settle your own claims --- Petplan don't care and tell lies.
They don't seem to realise that at the end of the line/email there is a worried client who has to make ends meet. I am cascelling my policy and certainly won't be insuring my new puppy with them.


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Posted: 27/05/2014

# Petplan are refusing to pay my claim saying it was a re existing condition my vet has sent a letter saying that it is unrelated but they are still refusing to pay.It is appauling that you pay all your premiums and when you actually have to claim they wont pay its disgusting..........