Not friends but ENEMIES


They have so many exclusions in their terms and conditions that they can wriggle out of most claims.

Our dog developed oral cancer and initially had a tumour removed from her mouth. AF won't pay because they exclude any gum treatment even if its cancer treatment that just happens to manifest on the gum. Other companies do exclude gum disease, but AF specifically state treatment in the gum area regardless of cause.

Two vets have written to them to point out that the treatment is for cancer, but they just point at the T and Cs. Both vets privately say that AF are anything but friends.

The dog is very precious to us,and we are doing all we can regardless of cost, so far up to £8000 plus. The ombudsman initially wanted to support our claim,but the stated condition of gum treatment rather than the more usual gum disease got them off the hook.

Please dont use this truly dreadful company, they are not animal friends,they are enemies.


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