Insulting staff, bad record for claim handling.


I have recently claimed for a condition my cat developed in April this year. Animal friends have refused to pay out and added a retrospective exclusion on my policy due to something my vet wrote in his notes in 2013. The staff are snotty and unhelpful, refused to find the vets notes stating they destroy them once scanned onto the system and they take a while to download!!! Utter rubbish, do not touch them with a barge pole. I'm going to their complaints department, financial ombudsman, Rip Off Britain and Watchdog. What a laugh 'Animal Friends'!!!! I wonder how many people have had to take the decision to have their pets put down due to this company not paying out on their claims and no longer being able to afford vet's fees? I will stay with them until my complaint is fully investigated but then I will move all 3 of my policies elsewhere. I have given them a 1 rating but it would have been 0 if I'd had the choice.


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