underhanded horrible company


We collected our new puppy on the 2nd of Jan this year and insured her with Animal friends the following morning. all seemed fine and on her first visit to the vets, we talked about how she was settling I, to which I replied she was doing the puppy thing of weeing every ten minutes. On our next visit, I was asked how she was getting on with her house training and again I said she was still weeing every where. The third visit we talked about the weeing thing again and this time they asked me to keep an eye on how much she drank ( at this point I hadn't noticed she had been drinking excessive amounts)After a week of monitoring the amount of water she drank, the vet said he would like to do some tests. After they had done all the tests they wanted to and nothing was found, I put in a claim for the £400 vets bill with Animal friends. They turned it down because of the first vet visit I had told the nurse our new puppy was weeing in the house a lot and the nurse wrote this down on her notes as weeing a lot. The date of the first visit to the vets also fell 12 days into the policy start date, which was two days short of the first 2 weeks where for some reason they don't insure your dog!!!! I appealed this and after waiting another 7 weeks!! they finally turned it down again...I could perhaps see where they were coming from if our dog was a few years old and we had insured with them then put a claim in for a condition that might have already been known, but as we insured her the morning after picking her up and didn't visit the vets for a few days after that, I felt they were being very underhanded and clutching at straws to get out of paying my claim. For the sake of £400 they have now lost two insurance policies for our dogs at £130 each a year for ever... don't insure with these people... they just seem to want your money and not pay out when you claim..


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