Bad Choice !


For the first time we had a major claim and were covered by this company. I have no complaints about their actual handling of the claim, which was speedy and problem free in itself. Our issue was, as if often the case with any Insurance the 'small print' or T&C's. Their different levels of cover are given in general terms, i.e. the maximum for Vets fees etc. but only when you claim do you find that they have limits on each aspect of the treatment, your vet's fees are capped, no referral fee is paid, hospital consultation fees are capped as are hospital stay costs and so it goes on. Thankfully the vast majority of the final bill was paid out under the policy but we were left with pretty hefty bills running into hundreds to cover the many 'capped' fees. Then to cap it all - on renewal they doubled the premium, doubled the excess and introduced a 20% further excess of any bill. This on top of excluding a whole list of barely related illnesses and injuries. Needless to say I went elsewhere where I got greatly enhanced cover, for twice the insured amount and for a slightly lower premium.


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Posted: 15/06/2014

Hi Jon been shopping around non stop for days... going a little mad... do you think you could tell me where is 'elsewhere' from your review. Thank you.

Mike e-mail

Posted: 24/07/2014

Who are you with now?