Beware of the age trap!


We have two dogs insured with Tesco. Our 9 year old retriever now has thyroid tablets which cost £12.50 per month. I claim this back from Tesco because her premium went from £52 a month prior to the thyroid problem, and it is now £78 a month, so I think the £12.50 after many years is not such a huge payout for Tesco. The take advantage of the dogs age, why don't insurance companies level the costs out over the average? Even without a claim, our retrievers costs soared from £16 a month, she was 5 years old when we moved from M & S to Tesco, but now we are trapped. Our other dog is 13 years old and is now £68 a month. Its the price of a small mortgage. Why don't vets set up a monthly payment system? After all, if they don't take of their clients, they won't have any in the end as people are dumping their dogs on the rescue centres.


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