Glad I used this excellent company.


If this company has had less than good reviews in the past, I can say from my own experience recently, that it must be ancient history. I saw some of these reviews after I purchased lifetime cover for my two Siamese cats. The cover was very good with £5,000 cover for illnesses and excellent value. When one of my cats developed lymphoma requiring a lot of expensive treatment, any possible concerns with claiming, were unfounded. Pet-Insurance E & L have been excellent with all claims paid within the same time frame they gave and good communication either by phone or via email and the web. Unfortunately after 8 months of treatment I lost my cat but I am satisfied that should the need arise for my other cat, they will provide the excellent support they have demonstrated to me recently. Despite the high cost of treatment the premiums hardly changed. Great cover and support at a great price from a true insurance company who I will be recommending to others.


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