Never again


Have had cover for my 2 cats with Asda for 10 years without a significant claim - then one cat developed epilepsy in early October last year, the other broke his leg 3 weeks later. Nov/Dec spent jumping through paperwork hoops, received a confirmation e-mail just before Christmas stating that I would be paid in 5 days. Despite weekly calls to Customer Services am still waiting at the end of January. Considering legal action to recover my money. Will never use them again.


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Posted: 30/08/2016

Got the same 5 day e mail 3 weeks later have e mail stating they need more information from vet been with them years and never claimed I will be cancelling if possible once I reach my limit as dogs condition cushions disease is a lifetime illness that is if I ever get paid out

Posted: 17/10/2016

Been looking all day to find a good Pet Insurance plan for our pup (get in 2 wks x). Going for 'Full Life' plans only.
Read your review, and many others regarding Asda's poor customer service/willingness to pay up promptly and we think we'll give Asda a swerve! As if its not bad enough having to take a poorly Pet to the Vet - you have to 'fight' to get the service you have paid for! Thanks for your Review: very useful. And do hope your cats are well x