Unbeatable price and excellent service


I insuranced my cat who was around 23yrs of age with Homebase. They were amazing because very few companies will insure a pet of that age, and if they do they charge a lot more in montly payments, excess fees and other charges like a percentage of bill. With homebase it was a small excess and no extras on top. And the montly premium was around £17.50 at the time which was much less again than most other companies. Bearing in mind how old she was. My cat Esme also had not had any real health conditions she was a delightful cat. I was lucky because by chance six months after I insured her she became ill and eventually it was diagnosed as a virus type of thing. But Homebase settled the claim within about 10 days with no questions asked. And the customer service was also excellent. Nice.
So i recently took in another stray cat and needless to say have chosen Homebase. My cat is about 4 years of age, and the premium is about £4 per month for the top policy, this includes alternative medicine which I also used for Esme, homeopathic / herbalist vets. I also received £15 off chipping my new cat and also got a £20 homebase voucher too! What more is there to say?


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