Will try anything to avoid paying out!!!


I had insurance with them for two years paid every month without fail, my cat died in December 2013 in a road accident, I spoke to a lady that informed me that I would not get help for the cost of the funeral and I had to do it all my self. I later looked in to this and with my insurance policy it said I was entitled to up to £350 which I wouldnt have used all but it would of been a massive help with such a sad time in my life but no not entitled to ANYTHING because I did not pay for my cat initially but was given him. So i would not call this company Animal Friends at all but If the animal is paid for then we might be their friend. It made me so mad that at such an upsetting time and for something that wasnt an illness or my fault my poor cat who was only two isnt entitled to anything.
Would never recommned to anyone


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