Cocker spaniel, poorly tum


I have two cocker spaniel puppies. Both of which were ill with sickness and diarrhea, an unpronounceable virus. Scamp recovered reasonable quickly, poor little bobby had lots of tests and vet visits. It was very worrying and expensive. Vetsure and my vet took over all the admin for recoverying the costs. There was no hassle, no long form filling, and no unneccesary argument over claiming. Bobby needed extra tests after the first claim was made. There was no debate about whether this was a new illness or a followup illness and therefore the claim was dealt with quickly and fairly. Excellent service at a very worrying time. I would recomend vetsure to everyone.

If I had to find any fault, it would be that the vet recommended a special diet , and the food was double the normal cost. This wasnt included in the policy.


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Posted: 23/03/2014

Whether or not you get med insurance for your Chi dedneps on your finances and if you could afford a vet bill that ran into 4 figures. The cheapest policy I've seen is about $30 per month per dog and there were 2 others that were more expensive. I have 4 dogs, 2 with serious medical problems and since I can't afford insurance for all of them, I self insure and put $20 per week away for emergencies. I don't use it for ordinary vet bills or teeth cleaning, which is expensive but usually affordable. It really just dedneps on your individual circumstances. I have a few friends that have only one dog that have had very good experiences with their pet insurance.

Posted: 09/02/2015

Had similar problem with my young miniature Schnauzer who was coverered by the breeder on Kennel Club insurance (Agria).For a short time free. Claim dealt with fine. Promise of lifetime cover withdrawn when I took over policy and renewed. I increased my cover from £4000 to £5000 but they turned down claim for later tests needed to confirm all clear. They said lifetime cover shown everywhere on their advertising only applied to policies with £10,000 cover.
Accepted my premiums on false pretentions.