Innept and malicious


Didn't bother to advise me of any exclusions that had apparently applied year on year when I renewed, and only the second I make a claim, they then decide to tell me THE ENTIRE RESPIRATORY system is excluded. Surprise, surprise, before I knew it the slightest definition was arbitrarily linked to the respiration system, even when vets advised there was no connection!! STAY AWAY!!! Apparently the ombudsman deals overwhelmingly with this insurer for the MOST upheld complaints - enough evidence in itself!


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Posted: 03/01/2014

I agree this company will do any thing to not pay My vey rung twice sent the report three times and even though my vet said the ingrowing hair on her stomoh was nothing to do with a ingrowing hair she had as a pup, they still refuse to pay never again will I use this so called insurance company

Posted: 22/05/2014

My dog's entire digestive system is apparently excluded due to her having vomited before being insured with them!!

They have told me that they sent me a letter advising of this exclusion and that because I renewed, they assumed I accepted it - I don't ever remember seeing a letter saying my dog's digestive system was excluded!! Having read your review, I wonder if in fact they never did send me that letter?

I hate this company, currently fighting their decision not to honour a claim for lifesaving treatment - I am going to kick up a huge stink about it!!