complete and utter battle with every claim


I decided to take a plan with this company for my new dog after they filmed my old dog having acupuncture. I thought wow this company really cares about the treatment offering cover for alternative therapy. In 2010 I took out cover. The plan seemed really good and the excess reasonable with lifetime cover. 6 months in I needed to make a claim. Battle one. Excuses never received the claim. Then yes we have it. Then new system issues finally I received payment after 2 months. Then came the renewal notices. Wow over £600 with excess increased and co insurances. on me. But now they have you over a barrel. Lifetime cover but at a price and very high excess and co insurance. Then battle 2. Claim this year. This time sent by recorded delivery. A letter sent 12 days later saying it will take 20 days to assess. I had to chase by email only to be told by anonymous persons from their service team they will only pay claims submitted in 6 months. I wish I never had anything to do with this company. I should have known when they filmed my dog they never paid me for using my dog in a video or even paid for the acupuncture session. Cowboys. Stay clear


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