Oscar says "Thank you"


My Cocker Spaniel Oscar was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma on the 1st December 2011. His prognosis was very poor but as he was insured his vet referred him to North Downs Specialist Referrals. He had major surgery to remove the cancer and metastases in his lymph glands. The cost was in the region of £4,000, Vetsure paid. He then had 3 months chemotherapy which was very expensive and again Vetsure paid. He seemed to be cancer free for about 6 months but on a routine check up it was discovered that there were more metastases in his lymph glands. An x-ray then confirmed the cancer was also now in his lungs. Despite all this Oscar remained happy and seemingly well. We decided to try tablet chemotherapy at home. On 10th May 2013 we celebrated his 10th birthday! I am so glad we took out a Premier Plus Lifetime Policy with Vetsure, Oscar has had the best veterinary care and medication available, without good pet insurance this would not have been possible and our beautiful spaniel would not still be here. Thank you Vetsure so very much.


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Posted: 30/05/2016

So... why only 4/5 ?