I had taken my dog to the vets with a problem a couple of times which they thought to be reverse sneezing initially I did not contact insurers as the bill was below the excess on each occasion
When her condition deteriorated ie she had a discharge from her nose, I was informed that she would need investigations starting with an xray. I contacted purely pets at that stage and they told me they had cancelled my policy two weeks before by email because I had missed one payment I had a problem with my emails at the time and they had made no effort to phone me or write to me. I had to pay out a huge bill and will be unable to insure my dog as no other insurer will pay out for this condition.
I am disgusted with the way I have been treated


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Posted: 07/11/2013

Yes experienced the same thing making a claim, sent request for more information to vet but forgot to inform me then cancelled the claim because i did not respond within 7 days for something I knew nothing about. AVOID

Posted: 19/02/2014

Because my pets treatment straddled two policy years, (started in one & finished in the next). I was charged the excess twice, £99 for each year, even though it involved one pet, one illness, one treatment !! What a con !! My worry is that some pets may be left to suffer because the owner will wait for the next policy year to start to avoid beng charged twice. This company while dealing in pet insurance is certainly not pet loving !! I too am disgusted !!