Appalling renewal experience


I have my cat insured with Argos Pet Insurance
On 22nd April I received a letter from Argos dated 16th April telling me that my insurance was due for renewal on 17th April!! Clearly the date for this had passed. I also received another letter dated 16th April referring to the first letter they had sent me on the 16th April asking for payment again as I had not responded to the renewal request
I was appalled with this situation and particularly concerned that my cat may not be insured any more without me realising this and that I had been given no time to consider if I wanted to renew my premium based on the new price or not. I rang the call center and spoke to Chris Gareth who was not at all helpful, could not give any explanation for why this had occurred and seemed to act as if this was normal practice without even apologising for the situation. I asked to speak to a manager and was told that he could refer me to one but no one would be available to get back to me for 3 days!!
I would never trust this company again and would certainly never renew with them


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Posted: 08/06/2015

I had the same experience but they didn't send any reminder or chaser at all. I just suddenly thought it was about time I paid so checked my record and contacted them when I realised it was about a month overdue.
They apologised for their mistake and luckily nothing had happened to my dog in the interim period but they were clear that anything that had happened wouldn't be paid and would be excluded, even though my payment was going to be back-dated to the original renewal date to ensure continuation of cover.
The renewal this year has gone up 33% despite no claims so I'm looking around.