wont pay up


We took Sasha ( a timid Belgian shepherd/cross that had been severly battered by her first owner) on from the rspca in 2006. Since then we have had her constantly insured by RSPCA pet insurance with the highest level of cover.She has never had to have any treatment and we have never claimed for her. Despite that, in six years, the policy has increased from £13.00, to the latest quote,£32.00 per month. At the last renewal price hike,(sept 2012)I went onto the internet, compared prices and then got this reduced down to £20/month, which we accepted. In Dec we had to submit a claim as Sasha had become lame and was given medication. Eventually over 6 weeks later, we got a response stating RSPCA insurance will not pay up as they state'it will not cover illness or injury that showed clinical signs before the policy cover started'. Bearing in mind she has always been covered by RSPCA insurance since we got her from the RSPCA rescue centre, its a farce. Dont think they are any different from any other insurance company just because of their name, they will still try their hardest not to pay up.


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