300% increase in premiums in just 6 years


My dog has an on-going illness which he was diagnosed with from a young age well after the policy was taken out.

I have claimed and Marks & Spencer have always paid up no problem BUT I have been punished by the EXTORTIONATE inscreases in the premiums each year.

I took the policy out in good faith and am now stuggling with the whopping £106 monthly repayments. When I took the policy out just 6 years ago it was around £30.

My dog is just 6 years old and only half way though his life. If they continue to raise the prices in the same manner I will be paying £200 a month in another couple of years.

Please please please steer clear of Marks & Spencer. If you are unlucky enough to have a pet with an on-going illness you will priced out of being able to pay for the insurance. Either your pets health will suffer or you will become bankrupt.


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Posted: 16/07/2014

Sadly it doesnt really matter if your dogs been ill or not. Mine had no ongoing condition and at 6yrs old was costing that much. Steer clear indeed!