Arrogant staff especially Heidi!


I have been with Argos for 7 claim free years but when the recent renewal came through with another increase this time of 30% I thought I would see if they can reduce the premium. After 20 minutes on the phone getting nowhere a supervisor called HEIDI who was a total waste of space and arrogant threatened me that the calls are being recorded (that should be her worry not mine as she was ruder than I or my wife were)said that she could not tell me if other premiums had been reduced and said that ours had gone up due to a number of claims in our area. I was only asking if they could give me some loyalty reduction but HEIDI was having none of it and when I said I may cancel she done it promptly. NEVER USE ARGOS, wrong information on the system, rude staff massive hikes in premiums. AVOID


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Posted: 30/01/2015

We have just received our new renewal quote. It has gone up to £329.95 a year. On my I Pad Argos quote platinum from £117 a year. I rang and they said it all depends on where you live, what your vet in the area charges, what breed your dog is and whether it has been spayed. Our dog is only 4, we have never claimed and he has nothing wrong with him. How can there be such a big difference between what they quote on line and what we are paying. They were adamant that it depended on the above reasons which does not make any sense at all. I am disgusted but what do you do if you want your dog covered. Does anyone know of a fair insurance cover.

Posted: 03/02/2016

Never, never, never renew - ALWAYS ask for a re-quote.