Extremely Rude Customer Service Person


I recently started my premium pet insurance with LV(17th July).On checking my bank statement I noticed they had taken my initial payment twice, one on 22 july and one on 1st Aug.Both entries clearly state "initial payment" When I rang to tell them, the clown at LV said she couldn't see any payment taken twice and there was no way for her to check this. I was told that the only way I could get my money back was to send her my bank statement!! (as if) Apparently her manager? agreed with her. For a company like LV it's disgusting that they have no way of checking monies that come to them via their customers other than requesting ones bank statement. After a heated discussion she was adamant that this would be the only way I could get my payment refunded.
I've had car insurance with LV for quite some time and have
only ever been treated with courtesey unlike the rude,arragont person that dealt with my query in the Pet Insurance dept.
Direct debit cancelled.


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Posted: 19/05/2014

I had the same problem with Animal Friends about 2 premiums for both of my cats being taken out within a few days of each other.