Will do anything to prevent paying out!


Our dog had an infected flea bite near his neck and needed a general anaesthetic to clean wound etc. Upon claiming, Animal Friends decided that because the dog had seen the vet about sore feet, (5 years previously!), it constituted a "skin condition" and refused to pay out, adding in an exclusion to the policy. They also noticed that the vet had noted a "no cause for concern" fatty lump whilst administering routine vacinations so all tumours, growths and cysts were also excluded. I clarified my position with our vet as Animal Friends accused me of trying to commit fraud for not declaring these "conditions" before taking the policy out. He checked the dogs history and confirmed they should / could not be classed as conditions and Animal Friends are guilty of being grossly unfair.


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Posted: 18/02/2014

Report them to the financial ombudsmen, I have, they can't be allowed to keep getting away with conning people and moving the goal posts when it suits!