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Posted: 09/09/2012

Honestly, the best thing you can do for them is to get a credit card just for pet emieegncres, start a savings account for pet emieegncres or get care credit. Pet Insurance unfortunately usually costs people more than it saves. The problem with most pet insurance companies is that they are not going to cover anything they consider a pre-existing condition' or anything they consider hereditary'. While your dog maybe healthy now, the things they consider pre-existing conditions are any illness or disease that is common in your breed of dogs, even if it's a mutt. Every dog has certain conditions that are common to that bread. Like Cocker Spaniels are prone to Hypothyroidism, patellar luxation, skin problems and urinary tract problems. If you had a Cocker Spaniel and got him insurance, even if he's perfectly healthy now your insurance wouldn't cover any of those things because they consider them pre-existing' due to breed type. The unfortunately fact is, every breed has these conditions that are common to that breed. The reason it's so important that insurance covers these is because your dog is much more likely to come down with one of these illnesses if it's in his breed history than anything else. That is also why insurance companies wont cover them because it would cost them too much money.Even if you have a mutt from a shelter you can't escape this because the vet has to put down a breed type on their paper work. Even if it's a mutt, they'll look at the dog and try to guess. The pet insurance companies will also insist on you giving them a breed on their paper work as well, you can't just put down mutt' or mix'. So when you are looking at the paper work for insurance companies, really REALLY read the fine print hard and inquire what that company considers pre-existing conditions' and what sort of things they don't cover. Look up the sort of illnesses your breed (or what you think it might be if you have a mix) so you can tell/ask if they cover those things or not. A lot of insurance companies wont cover accidents either. If they feel it was due to owner negligence you will be out of luck. Like if you were at the park with your dog playing fetch and it got hit by a car they'll consider it your fault due to not having the dog on a leash. Or if they find your fence was damaged and not fixed well enough and your dog got out they'll consider it your fault. So again, read the fine print REALLY well. It's hard to recommend a company to you because the companies vary so much on what they cover. You need to look at what sort of dog you have, it's age and what you want that insurance to cover then really really do your homework on them as far as what they will and wont cover and how much you want to pay deductible wise, co-pay wise etc. There is nothing worse than having an accident or illness with your pet and thinking you are covered when you aren't. That's why I say it's much better to get a credit card, care credit, or start a savings account. There will be no surprises during a time of need with those. Good luck and I wish the best to you and your pets! Was this answer helpful?