Terrible customer service. Long wait for payout


In my opinion this has got to be the worst customer experience I have ever been through. My dog was seriously ill at Christmas. I am still waiting for Esure to pay out (£3500) 3 months later.

I have phoned so often that I'm thinking of listing Esure as "friends & family" on my phone bill so I can get a discount. I have been given the run around so often i'm thinking of cancelling my gym membership as I get all the excercise I need chasing these muppets.
I have been passed from one unhelpful person to another. I've been promised multiple call backs & guess what.....no call back (suprise suprise)

I've been given excuse after excuse as to why the payout is taking so long. All the time the money sits in Esure's bank account earning interest.
I've no doubt that the next excuse will be that the guy who signs the cheques has developed Leprosy & his writing arm has fallen off!!!

In my opinion the service I have recieved from Esure is nothing short of pathetic. I would advise anybody thinking of doing business with this company to make their decision not purely based on cost. I have just learnt that the old saying is true..."you get what you pay for" & sometimes you dont even get that!


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Posted: 24/11/2011

I completely agree, I am loosing the will to live with these people. Absolute joke but they now have me tied as I have an on-going claim I have been chasing for months that they have now refused to pay out on. I have no option but to renew with them and keep disputing the claim now. I am sure they have made this long winded for this exact reason..