LV wont pay out


I made a claim for an injury to my dog 6 weeks later still waiting for the money from thos 'nice people' at LV as the adverts goes, they keep saying that there is a problem with their computers, then they asked for a 12 months vet history for the dog, I explaind that he dog is only 7 months old but they still insist on 12 months history because their system asks for that data, when I took out the insurance they were aware of the animals age. This insurance is a complete waste of time and I will be going to the small claims court for compensation.


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Posted: 09/09/2012

Insurance is based off the law of large #'s. Everyone puts in some money for the few people that may place a claim. I utsrednand you may have a great driving record and don't plan to have an accident. But that's the meaning of an accident, no one plans to have one. I am in the United States so I am not sure if the UK operates the same way, but here its illegal to drive without insurance. If your parents are alive I don't think they would want to risk their house. But if you own your parents house why don't you see about getting a loan against the house to help with the insurance bills. As a side note there are insurance companies that do pay dividends if they made a profit, but none that i have ever heard of would refund you back a set amount if you were accident free.

Posted: 31/01/2015

I have lv insurance for my dog. Fortunately I haven't had to make a claim. After reading the comments on this site I definitely won't be renewing my policy. I have just rung them up to ask for a quote for my sons puppy and they were to busy to help me, they will ring me back within 48 hours. That is a sales request, even on that the alarm bells rang. I thought no chance if I was wanting to make a claim. Then I read the reviews and that confirmed to me look for another company Thank you everybody who took the time to tell us about their unfortunate experiences with Liverpool Victoria