did everything not to pay us out.


My almost 7 year spaniel was the most loving dog I have ever owned. He was a wonderful dog, so loving with people and children. Unfortunately he had rage syndrome which was very rare. He attacked us without warning then at the end of the attack he would start shaking badly and did not have any idea what he had done. It is a neurological condition. Tesco would not accept this and made every excuse not to pay out, and they did not. My dog was insured from 1 year old till he passed. They promised to ring me, they didn't, send emails, they didn't. When having phone conversation said they could not hear me, found excuses for everything. They wanted a bank statement from 7 years ago, before they refused to pay out. PLEASE DO NOT GO WITH TESCO INSURANCE. I promise you, you will regret it. I did.


Mixed Breed


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