A bit expensive but glad I have them


by reviewer

I have been with Argos for almost 5 years, I was with Homebase before and Argos took over. I have 2 cats with them. One has kidney problems and the other flare ups of pancreatitis, both are naughty and accident prone! I have to say I was shocked by some of the reviews. I have never had a problem with Argos, they pay really quickly. They even backdated a dental claim which I didn’t think I was able to have. They sorted it behind the scenes and it was a surprise to get a random cheque before Christmas. The staff are always lovely and helpful on the phone. My only moan would be the cost of my current premium, but I have lifetime insurance, old girls 12 and 11, and a high claim history… so really I shouldn’t moan. Argos has been a useful safety net for us and I am grateful for them.




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