Terrible service


My experience with Petsurance by PDSA has been terrible. I put in a claim after my greyhound was nipped by another dog and had to have stitches under general anaesthetic, at a total cost of £800. He was treated at our regular vets and also at an emergency vet as it happened on a Saturday. I submitted the claim and got no acknowledgement of receipt by PDSA, so had to call them. The way they work is that while you are on the phone with them, they have to check three different email inboxes to see if they have received the claim form from the vets. They look under the insurance policy no (as if the vet would include that), your name, your pet's name, they search for the email address of the vet... it takes ages and is the most insanely inefficient way of working I have ever come across. They miss submissions from vets this way all the time so you have to ring them every few days to make them search the inboxes and find them. Then they requested my dog's full clinical history (for a claim about an injury sustained at the jaws of another dog, for God's sake), so I had to go through this rigmarole again. Now, one month after they received the clinical history, I still have heard nothing. Like everyone else, they say they are currently experiencing a high volume of claims so it may take a little longer than the usual 2 weeks. The whole service offered is truly abysmal. This was all happening just a few weeks ahead of the policy renewal, which needless to say I have cancelled. Don't waste your money, take out insurance elsewhere.




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