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We have a little cross breed Sheltie / Border Collie called Misty. She has never had a day’s illness in her life but we have always paid for pet insurance. After 13 years Misty caught an infection and very nearly died. Her vet treatment over three days came to almost £800 but we were insured for £3000 with Animal Friends Pet Insurance so we thought we were covered.

When we took out the policy the headline cover was for £3000 with a £99 excess. That was until we came to claim when we were told the £3000 would be for six unrelated claims of £500 in any one year. I ask you how likely is it that your pet will need treatment for six unrelated condition?
I should imagine that’s about the same odds as winning the lottery.

Keep in mind also that once you claim for a condition then anything else remotely connected with that condition is off the table.

So we get £500 less the £99 excess? No! There is additional 35% Co-Payment Excess on the remaining £401 because Misty is over the age of eight. This brings the payment down to £260 so when take off her premiums for this year alone that’s an equivalent payout of about £140. If you include the £1000s we’ve paid in premiums during her lifetime you can see just what a total con Pet Insurance is.

If you were honest the policy would state that the excess was 55% of £500 but how many people would take out cover at that offer.

Take my advice and put your premiums away every month. If nothing happens you can treat yourselves, and your dog, to a holiday but if something does it will still probably work out cheaper than paying pet insurance, especially if you have an older dog.


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