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Have had my 2 dogs insured for 9 years, one of my girls needed emergency surgery on her spine 3 years ago, paid out £3,600 received £401, I had contacted them to see if she was covered and was told she was insured up to £3,000, after receiving just £401 I contacted them and was told that apparently the policy stated she was covered for £3,000 but that was only £500 (less my excess) per condition up to 6 different conditions per year!, I forgot to cancel the policy then, however she was poorly about 3 weeks ago, it was a Sunday so had to take her to the emergency vet, thankfully it wasn't serious but she had appeared very unwell, and I wasn't prepared to let her suffer, we paid £249, I sent in my claim and received the grand total of £8.80, apparently they don't pay for out of hours vets unless your pet is in imminent danger of dying, I am not a vet, so I didn't know if she was about to die, I just know she was in a lot of discomfort, also they deduct 20% because she is over 8 years old, she will not be covered for any future intestinal problems, as she is now not covered for spinal problems or arthritic joints there wouldn't be much left of her to be insured!!! 9 years insurance for 2 dogs, in that time 2 claims for one of them, total of vets Bill £3,900 amount paid out £401, I would recommend anyone insured with this company check the small print of your policy, the devil is in the detail, I wish I had gone with another company and paid a little bit more for a better insurance company, I have definitely cancelled the policy and will now just put some money aside each month, at least I know I will pay out!!!!


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