Fail to pay complaints ongoing


I have had my horse insured with petplan Equine for the last 2 years. He has been diagnosed with a chronic degenerative condition that he cannot be cured for. Petplan have had his claim for 6 weeks and despite being chased at least once a week have not even contacted me about his loss of use claim. He isn’t going to get better and the european diploma holders agree. Petplan has been asked to confirm if loss of use can be paid so he can be put to sleep - no one has answered my requests for information, no one can even give me an idea of time frame. I have been told on the phone that if I go ahead and euthanise him I will jeopardise my loss of use claim. He has been stood waiting for 4 weeks for petplan to 1) speak to my vet about him 2) make a decision if they are going to pay so he can be put to sleep. This has not only cost me money in premiums AND livery. I haven’t had complaints answered and no one will take my complaints seriously.


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