Seriously, don't bother with this insurance!


Sadly, this insurance is not worth the paper it's written on. I never put in any claims for the 'small' stuff and after 6 years had one incident whereby my pet had a cancerous growth removed. I paid fees that substantially increased year after year and when I claimed for the first time - which was only £400 they paid the vet as agreed and it was fairly uncomplicated with only a small glitch, which was easily resolved by the friendly customer service. After paying in year after year for 6 years this isn't a large amount! It is important to note I subscribed to annual renewal and could've chosen to change insurance (clearly I should have!) A year and a half later when it was necessary to have a much larger op for cruscia ligament procedure amounting to £2000+, they were unable to pay this due to my previous claim (a fine print issue)! This is of course is all explained and covered in their terms and conditions. Basically my advice - it's better to put money away monthly into your own personal savings account than waste your money on tesco Pet insurance. if you are disciplined you will save what you need for expenses and will be able to spend the money where you actually need it!


Labrador Retriever


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