Reject Claim


Had valid claim rejected by Animal Friends Insurance- so upsetting dont know how I am going to afford treatment for my dog now. They use any excuse they can to not pay out valid claims. Please avoid them!!!!


Shih Tzu


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Posted: 20/04/2019
By: ken

totally agree same thing to me & hundreds others AVOID ANIMAL FRIENDS

Posted: 23/04/2019
By: ken

same here never claimed had policy 2 dogs for almost 7 years refused to pay dog lost an eye ..:-( said because i took vet two years earlier slight eye infection with no claim for problem going of vets notes refuse to pay terrible not a insurance company a rip off long time

Posted: 20/05/2019
By: angela aldridge

I totally understand and agree !!! The financial Ombudsman Service is the next step