Do not touch Sainsburys Pet Insurance


I have been paying pet insurance for my Mini Dachshund for 5 years with Sainsburys and I consider myself a very responsible pet owner. As this breed is prone to back issues she has ramps everywhere, is trained to stop and wait to be picked up on steps and stairs out and about. She had a mammary lump removed, which we had to wait for due to her season. This meant by the time of the op she had a few removed. All great she recovered quick and I was surprised the bill was only £850.00. Sainsburys requested more information, I supplied them with a 2 page document listing her previous vets (also gave this information on the claim form,) and ailments which have been trivia, sting, blister, nothing really. (My Vet retired),I have used 3 different vets in finding my new vet. Sainsbury's text me to call them. I did, the girl on the phone said it is my responsibility to get my pets history from the vets not Sainsburys. I questioned this as I did not think this was correct and she said "If I want to get paid faster I need to get the history sorted." I consider this as seriously unhelpful. So I responded with...don't worry I will wait, Sainsburys should pursue getting the history. I heard nothing, for a month. Another text, please call Sainsburys. I rang, this time happily I got a lovely girl, I told her the saga with the previous team member, she said she would ring around and request the history, i gave her all the names, numbers and surgery details. (She did this and was very pleasant.) However the next day the case was closed, email came through on a Saturday night at 5.30pm so I could not respond until Monday. I replied to the email closing my claim, (this holds all the information, dog, breed, my name, policy number etc... and was asked for all my personal information before they could speak to me. You can't write this honestly. Next I emailed the team leader to ask is it my responsibility to get the pet history and a team leader called Tahera said yes....."if you have a look on our claim forms we have completion guide which advises that you need to provide us with the pets full clinical history even if the pet has been referred to any different. When we have any missing history or information then we will directly contact your vets or yourself to get this information." So I shlep to all 3 vets and ask for the print outs. All vets, including Pets at Home said this is odd that a customer has to request this information, it is normally done direct from the insurer. I used to love Sainsburys as a brand, thought it stood for quality, which is why I chose them. Absolute rubbish. I have asked sainsburys are they reopening the case now they have the information sent to them. I have not heard back yet. I wouldn't touch them with an extra long barge pole, please do not waste your money. The girl at the vets said pet plan settles more than the others.


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