I can only endorse all the bad reviews here. They have even gone to the length of alleging the claim form took 16 days to reach them and is therefore out of date so they don't have to pay out. We are also taking them to the ombudsman or the small claims court. The latter will take up more of their time and in order to try and get them to improve, that might be the best approach. we have cancelled our policy. would never use them again.


German Shepherd


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Posted: 22/05/2018

I Agree totally have just cancelled my policy as these people should not be allowed to trade . my spaniel had to have an opp to remove a lump on his leg . when it came to claiming i wanted to use the system where they pay the vet direct But my vet said they would not do this as Animal friends are bad payers . So I had to borrow money to pay. And then it took weeks of phone calls to get my money a disgrace . And on top of that my dogs staples came out leaving him with a gaping hole in his leg . This happened on a Sunday of march bank holiday so had to take him to emergency vet . this claim is for the same condition but animal friends charged me £99 excess and 20% for my dogs age 11 when they had already done so for this claim . when I called to contest this they told me as my policy was renewed on the 23rd and the staples came out on the 25th it was a separate claim and I got nothing . So any body thinking of using this in caring lieing cheating company think again they will take your money and do any thing not to pay you when you need them. They Also have sent me a letter stating that as my pet has had an opp for a sisted he is no longer covered for sissed or lumps . That's like having a car policy having an accident and them saying as you hit the from of you car you are no longer covered to the front but OK for the back Crazy . what a bunch of con Artist . well I hope you get to read this as if it stops people using this company that can only be good .