just received renewal..50% increase.No claims...Am disgusted...What a ripoff. Dog is only 8 ..Hope this isn't going to increase continually.


Jack Russell Terrier


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Posted: 28/12/2017

we too have made no claims and just had quote up 50% y on y. Same thing happened last year. Disgraceful. Ditching them.

Posted: 06/01/2018

Yes our premiums for 2 dogs a whippet aged 5 just and a jack russell increased on a whole of life policy (without any claims) from £320 pa to £560....reason given the dogs were getting older...what a rip off....ditched insurer

Posted: 14/01/2018

Tesco have demanded a 29% increase for 4 animals

Annual premium has gone from 889 to 1250

Rip off merchants knowing full well , that if we have to elsewhere they have by the short a curlies

Bunch of thieves

Posted: 08/03/2018

Same here! just got renewal with an increase yet again gone from £9 in five years to £26 for £3000 cover (never claimed) so much for loyalty. Gone with another insurer £7000 cover, 20% back if I don't claim every year for just under £15. TESCO you are one big rip!

Posted: 02/06/2018

Me too cat got to 10 .. no claims. BUT they doubled the cost of the premium. Wish my wages doubled as I get older.