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We have been with Tesco pet insurance for about 10 years now and are absolutely disgusted on the rise in price since our 2 labradors have aged. We have a girl aged 10 and a boy aged 13 (who we claim £55 a month for arthritis tablets). Last year the monthly payments for both dogs doubled and brought the payments up to £206 a month, during the last year our boy has had a change in meds and the monthly claims have gone down so I was shocked and horrified to have our lastest policy though saying the monthly payments have risen to £329. Policy was cancelled straight away disgusted that thinking that they had us over a barrel they could charge such ridiculous prices.BE WARNED PLEASE


Large Mixed Breed (60+ lbs)


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Posted: 18/04/2016

I have just had exactly the same issue, a jump from 52 a month to 69, with one small claim in the last year! was very happy with their service up until then.