Did what it said on the tin....until the last bit!


No claims had been necessary during the life of our lurcher until she was 9yrs old, when she developed a type of cancer. Sainsbury's paid out without a quibble for all the treatment over 9 months, even for treatments in France. We did have to pay the excess twice, because we passed the 1st January & entered another calendar year, which seemed excessive. However, the whole experience soured with the death of our lovely dog - they paid a small contribution for the euthanasia, but refused outright to cover any contribution for the cremation. I wrote immediately asking them to reconsider, and for their reasons. One month later, they had not even bothered to reply. A phone call confirmed that they had no intention of replying, and they repeated that they would not pay towards cremation, as the dog was not covered for death from illness due to her age. I pointed out that this was not at all apparent from the Policy booklet and felt that we had been misled. The worst sin in my book was to have no response to my polite letter. I am horrified when I count up just how much we have paid into this company, and how little the customer gets in return. We will never take out pet insurance again - just pay £30 (the premium)into a savings account - far less hassle.


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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