Animal Friends rejected my claim


Hello there,

I am looking for some advice.

We have recently made a claim to recover costs of the treatment our 1 year old lab. He had bad stomach and had to undergo x-rays. Costs around £500.

Animal Friends rejected our claim saying it was a pre existing condition as our pup had bad tummy previously (it was a year ago and we were switching his food).

We have received a formal letter today with them rejecting the claim but saying to us that in the vets notes there was an indication that the dog was biting us (exaggeration as the dog was 6 months old at that time and was bite playing). We only asked the vet for advice as to how to stop him bite playing that was all. Now animal friends said they won't cover our dog for public liability claims due to him biting us! what a ridiculous thing to say!
Finally they mentioned that the dog won't be covered for any divestive system illnesses as well.

Basically it looks like our dog is not cover for anything at all at this point!

Very disappointed with this company!


Labrador Retriever


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Posted: 21/01/2016

ask your vet to write to your insurance company to clarify that the biting noted on the dogs history was normal puppy mouthing behaviour and the dog does not in their opinion pose any risk to the public. If they still refuse to insure public liability take them to the insurance ombudsman.

Posted: 29/02/2016

Exactly the same with us regrading public liability after we made a claim when he was 2 1/2 years old. It was a comment at the vets over behaviour when he was a pup. And they have looked back over 7 years worth of records of my other dog and said they have found a heart murmur recorded at 8 weeks old and said anything connected is not covered. This because I made a claim on a policy after 7 1/2 years for an ear haematoma. Ridiculous. It was a different company attitude 5 years ago. Just another also ran "wriggle" insurance company now. Go back to how you were please. You know, when you cared about the client and pet.

Posted: 01/03/2016

do call the ombudsman advice line they are great -I did this prior to complaining about them refusing my horse claim --- success --af paid in full -well nearly they did knock off some money for the medication --very odd