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PetPlan pet insurance

Great West House (GW2)
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phone: 0845 077 1934

Largest and oldest pet insurer in the UK. Offers several levels of pet cover.

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Reviews of PetPlan pet insurance

1/5   Dreadful Administration   30 May 2017

Reviewed By: Carrie L, Recommend:

Petplan Equine are giving me the run-around too over a simple claim for a corneal ulcer in my horse's eye caused by a thorn which entered the eye whilst he was grazing. A simple enough claim! Yet they claim to have lost the vet claim form 3 times, the medical history notes 2 times, and haven't a clue about the continuation claim form I've filed with them 2 times already for my horse's equine hospital stay for treatment for the corneal ulcer. I am close to losing my temper. Don't touch them with a barge pole, yours or anyone else's. They used to be so good, I've given them hundreds of pounds over the years for insurance on various horses, but sadly they've lost the plot. I've no idea where their call centre is, but the accents are foreign and they are not at all helpful. I will be taking them to court if they don't sort themselves out sharpish.

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1/5   Took my money!   19 May 2017

Reviewed By: Loz, Recommend:

Puppy came with a free month of Petplan policy. I started to look round for a policy and thought, oh well, the vet seems to advertise this company, I'll go with them. Did it all on line and they swiftly took the money from my bank account. That was over a month ago and after emailing them, phoning them I have not received a policy, apology or a phone call. I have now had to go through my bank to get my money back. If this is what their like at this stage heaven help if you need to make a claim!

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2/5   Exclusions galore and no premium reductions.   14 May 2017

Reviewed By: John Small, Recommend:

After 40 minutes on the phone to an Indian call centre, the mention of ailments gets you transferred to the underwriter Allianz. He decides to exclude respiratory conditions because your dog had a cough 2 months ago even though antibiotics cured it within 5 days! I sent Allianz copies of our vets records because our dog is partially sighted as a result of some brute throwing bleach in her eyes. I expected the inevitable exclusion for her eyes, but would you believe it they would not cover us for third party liability because the dog might run across the road without seeing oncoming traffic and cause an accident. Wouldn't most dog owners have their dog on a lead next to a road? And if they didn't, have you ever seen a fully sighted dog look right,left and right again before crossing the road after a cat or squirrel? When I saw they had sneaked into the policy this exclusion, I cancelled. You cant even negotiate a reduced premium with them when they decide only to insure three-quarters of your dog because the rule book decrees that the relevant factors are breed, age and vets fees in your area. They are not to be trusted

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 It's normal for all companies to exclude anything reoccurring before the policy is in force which would be any respiratory conditions because of the chest infection, regarding the third party unfortunately you are being penalised for other idiots who are not a vigilant as yourself and would probably leave there part sighted dog to wander where it likes

comment by: Marilyn, 2 June 2017
1/5   Steer Clear   25 April 2017

Reviewed By: Paddy, Recommend:

one of our cats unfortunately lost his eye due to a vets misadvice. We incurred costs of over 5000 and pet plan paid out...... wait for it - 46 for the original consultation fee. they claim "the issue arose after the consultation and is a separate issue" THEY THEN SENT US UPDATED AND BACK DATED FALSE COVER DOCUMENTS WITH EXCLUSIONS FOR LEFT EYES. you guessed it - he had lost his left eye. we tried to take it further but got nowhere with it complete scam company AVOID AVOID AVOID!

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 Surely if it was a vets fault they should pay for putting it right and I guess that is where the insurance company is coming from as liability would lie with the vet and not them

comment by: Marilyn , 2 June 2017
1/5   Pet plan are ROBBERS   20 April 2017

Reviewed By: Cathy, Recommend:

Pet plan will do anything not to pay out. 1 pay 43 a month for my pug. Made a claim for dental and got nothing from them towards the bill. Vile Robbers!

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5/5   Finally a company that pays out   4 April 2017

Reviewed By: Harley, Recommend:

I had problems with previous petninsurance company and learnt my lesson. Price was low for a reason i didnt get a penny paid out. Having now claimed from Petplan i found them fast at paying put and my policy didnt go up because i claimed. Best out there

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1/5   PetPlan Insurance   19 February 2017

Reviewed By: Saska, Recommend:

My oldest cat - 9 years old in May has been insured with PP since he re-homed him. Over close to 9 years,we've paid nearly 2500 in insurance. He recently had to have treatment for Systitis - Vet's bill = 199.24. We made a claim & received 68.19 = 34% of the cost. We know that since our cat is 7 years old now,there was an excess to pay,but we expected the fee minus the excess. If you look at the PP page regarding ''how PP premiums are calculated'',there's no full description at all of how it's calculated.

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 You always should read the full terms and conditions when taking out a policy, this is normal for most if not all companys to add % at an older age when making a claim it can also be in your interests as well as the older our pets get the more issues are likely and by paying % each time it preserves some of the premium for a later date or ongoing condition

comment by: Marilyn, 13 April 2017
1/5   PetPlan Insurance   19 February 2017

Reviewed By: Mr.Kelsall, Recommend:

My oldest cat - 9 years old in May has been insured with PP since he re-homed him. Over close to 9 years,we've paid nearly 2500 in insurance. He recently had to have treatment for Systitis - Vet's bill = 199.24. We made a claim & received 68.19 = 34% of the cost. We know that since our cat is 7 years old now,there was an excess to pay,but we expected the fee minus the excess. If you look at the PP page regarding ''how PP premiums are calculated'',there's no full description at all of how it's calculated.

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2/5   Not very good service   14 February 2017

Reviewed By: Jo, Recommend:

I have had a policy with them for 2 years and all of a sudden at the renewal the price has jumped up. I shopped around and found lots of other much better deals, i phoned them to see if they would match any and they wouldn't so i cancelled my policy. The following week i checked my bank statement and they had taken money out of my account. So i phone them up, spent ages on hold, and when i finally got through to someone to explain the situation they said they would refund the money. I paid via direct debit but that said the refund HAD to be sent by cheque and would probably take two weeks. I can't say that i would recommend their customer service as when i said this wasn't good enough and asked to speak to the complaints department she wouldn't let me.

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3/5   Recommend Yes BUT No!!   17 December 2016

Reviewed By: No name as i, Recommend: Y

After insuring my dogs with PetPlan for the last umpteen years I feel used and abused! Their premium charges have got nothing to do with the dog. I have 2 Alaskan Malamutes, one is 2.5 the other is 5. The 5 year old, we rescued last year. This is her first policy renewal and it went down from 42p/m to 40, yeh! I thought. The 2.5 year old, we rehomed 2 years ago so this is his 2nd renewal and it went up from 42 to 48! PetPlan could not explain it and would not redo, even though doing an NEW online cover quote gave the price of 40 p/m! They penalise customer loyalty and have now lost 90 p/m, but they wont care because I'm just a number. Claims made with previous dogs have always gone through without quibble and handled directly by the vets, so this is why I would recommend them.

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 Have to agree - I paid into Petplan for ages and because of all the advertising/vets recommendation and hype surrounding them YOU feel almost guilty if you don't choose them, but I paid in for years with Petplan and then next to nothing and then moved one of my dogs as he was older and PP are rubbish for older pets. Tesco settled a claim for a rescue dog who had a spinal injury I knew nothing about and paid out within weeks of rehoming and woulld trust them everytime

comment by: Claire, 2 June 2017
 Use Tesco, I've insured my Westie with petplan and my JRT with Tesco, I lost my JRT last Christmas ,tesco' premium was 20 a month for an 11 year old dog ,the excess was 60 and they paid for her op and unfortunately when it was time they paid for her to be put down, pet plan on the other hand charge 46 a month (13 years old) and when he went diabetic on us and we put in a claim for just over a grand the excess was 120 and they reduced the claim by 20% therefore we received 670 , I wanted to… (read more)

comment by: Adie Barratt, 10 February 2017
2/5   very upset   11 November 2016

Reviewed By: jacquie, Recommend:

My dog alfie had to have his left knee operated on as his knee kept slipping out of the socket and the vets dealt wit petplan direct and they paid up straight away. Six months later he had to have the same operation done on his right leg because he had the same problem so we got it done. Petplan would only pay 149 towards the claim because in there opinion because it was the same diagnosis for both legs I was only covered for 3000.00 and that was al that was left from when he got his left leg done so now I am having to pay the difference which is 1800.00. I thought that I was covered per leg and not same diagnosis and thank god his front ones are ok. So am a little bit peeved because at the end of the day it was both back legs and they needed doing not his fault not my fault

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5/5   Exceptional Service   17 October 2016

Reviewed By: Stan , Recommend:

Petplan paid my vet direct when my puppy had an accident requiring xrays antibiotics and several overnight stays a matter of a day or so after taking out my policy. I appreciate not everyone has had the same experience but I cant help thinking that many are as a result of people who took out insufficient insurance, had breaks in insurance or expect to pay very little for insurance that can end up paying out a lot on your behalf because most people don't realise ho vet bills can be surprisingly high to the layperson. With the restrictions on pre existing conditions and limits on payouts for cheaper policies, I would now encourage anyone to get the very best cover they can afford as early in their dogs life as they can and chose the right insurer. Saving 100-200 a year by buying a cheaper policy is not such a good deal if it leaves you worrying about paying for some of the more expensive conditions / injury's your pet can get. Petplan seem to have a good reputation for not bumping up premiums as a matter of course and that's important too if you are potentially sticking with an insurer to get better benefits when it comes to avoiding exclusions for pre existing conditions etc.

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 Once your puppy is 8 you lose 20% of the cover ( I was asked to stump up 900 for my dogs cataract op, Tesco are better

comment by: anonymous, 10 February 2017
 Hi. Was your puppy well when it was vet checked and insurance was first taken out ? Thanks

comment by: Natalie, 15 November 2016
1/5   Dreadful service, am going to look elsewhere   20 September 2016

Reviewed By: D Smith, Recommend:

When I got my kitten, she came with 4 weeks free insurance with Petplan. Within days, I had to take to the vets as she had bloody diarrhoea but was well otherwise. I was told it was probably due to trauma of leaving her mother & being in a new environment & this was quite a common thing. It cleared up with treatment but came back again 2 weeks later. I called PetPlan to see if she was covered as more investigations were needed and it was time to renew the policy. On 3 different occasions they said she was covered so I took out the renewal and she had her tests done. Then I tried to claim on the insurance! 2 months and many calls & emails, later they are still refusing to pay out. They keep asking for her vet history before I got her. They have had that, a copy of my contract from the breeder to say she had been seen by the vet and had all her vaccinations etc and now they say they need a certificate of health! She never had one of these & when I looked up to see what this is, it's for travel purposes! I have no intention of travelling abroad with her & as I don't live in the USA, I won't be needing one to travel inter state! PetPlan are just happy to take premiums but not happy to pay out for claims. They don't call back when they say they will & all in all, it's a dreadful insurance company. I refuse to sit back & let them win so will continue to fight them but I will also stop paying them & go elsewhere. I'll also be warning as many people as I can about insuring with this company.

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 Petplan keep asking for medical history for my cat, which my vet has sent twice and Ive sent twice, but 2 months later still refusing to pay me over 700 for my claim. Not replying to any of my emails and fail to phone me back when promised. Terrible service!!

comment by: D James, 17 February 2017
 Exactly the same is happening with my claim for my puppy. I am still trying to get my claim made in ealy November settled. Dreadful service, with every excuse under the sun being given to avoid payment. I have never been so disgusted with a pet insurance company in 50 years of having a dog.

comment by: Carol, 27 December 2016
 I totally agree with you they used to be an excellent company but this is no longer the case. I am several friends have had problems with them this year, I am still am! I embarrassed that I recommend fed them to friends.. As well as being difficult about paying out the exclusions they put on in renewal this year were unbelievable. They will never have another penny of my money

comment by: yvette wheeler, 21 October 2016
 Hi I have recently signed up to petplan for my dog maya! I was just wondering if anybody could tell me if she is covered for all her injections? Thanks.

comment by: Rebekah, 28 September 2016
2/5   is 110 acceptable?   2 September 2016

Reviewed By: Leigh, Recommend:

I've have been with pet plan since I met my puppy 14 years ago. They have supported him through operations due to discuss problems and a broken leg. There have been no problems in getting claims resolved however when I took out the policy, my cover was unlimited vet bills which are now 12,000 capped. I expect an increase in premiums however 110 per month seems a little extortionate. Not only that, 12,000 capped fees as well as paying over 100 in excess and 20% of the final I to assume that if my pooch lives another 4 years that my premium will be 2000 per year?? There's just no end to the emotional blackmail people with pets are signing up to

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 I am in the same boat as you. Misled when I took the policy out 13 years ago. They change terms & conditions at will. Because of the unmentioned 20%, I now pay 200 per month to keep my dog in good health. Peace of mind, my eye.

comment by: Lynda, 16 January 2017
5/5   Do this   25 July 2016

Reviewed By: Jason, Recommend:

I seriously cannot fault Pet plan at all. The Key thing with this pet insurance is that, at the very beginning you pay the premium and get the 'FIT FOR LIFE' cover. This will cover your pet for life long treatment of the same illness/es.

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 Yes I'd been with Petplan 15yrs for my dog. Never claimed once until last month. Paid out 165 but got a Case Closed email back as my 130 excess and 20% (of total claim) exclusion meant I got nothing from them. This starts again every 12 months so with an annual premium over 500 I would be paying out almost 800 before I got anywhere near a payout. So,

comment by: Aggrieved, 21 May 2017
 Don't bet on it we had a horse insured from birth but when we made a claim Petplan would not pay out. The horse was seen annually for terry and injections by vet. We had some minor claims but in end Petplan failed to pay.

comment by: Paul t, 11 February 2017
 120 excess and you lose 20% on top of that and the excess is recharged at each policy anniversary even for existing conditions, I've just cancelled after 13 years of insuring my dog

comment by: Adrian Barratt, 10 February 2017
5/5   Amazing   7 July 2016

Reviewed By: Bow & Ollie, Recommend:

Been with Petplan for years and had no issue have 2 small cats had there issues at the start paid the excess one bill would have been 3000 but only had to pay the excess brilliant! dont listen to the haters!

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 Once at the age you can't go somewhere else you lose the excess plus 20% it doesn't sound much but my dogs op was going to cost 900 for my bit

comment by: Adrian Barrat, 10 February 2017
1/5   DEVASTATED   6 July 2016

Reviewed By: mandy, Recommend:

my dog requires a CT Scan ?operation for suspected tumor on bladdar ,,petplan took 11 days to refuse a paypout to my vet and i didnt even receive a letter from them ,,,now i am paying for medication until her symptons get so bad that she will have to be euthanised

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 Im so sorry to hear about your dog 😔 What was their reason for refusing? I'm currently debating who take out pet insurance with for for cat. Charlotte

comment by: Charlotte, 13 September 2016
1/5   Pet Plan "RIPOFF"   18 June 2016

Reviewed By: Joh-anus Horobilis, Recommend:

My 1st dog now 6 yrs old. When I 1st took out Petplan I was amazed how much the insurance was, as a pup i got petplan cover from the breeder, he had earmights petplan covered this treatment, then when I continued the insurance with petplan after the breeder cover they considered it a new claim & not a continuation!! 1st RIPOFF. Well 6 years on & all little illnesses never come out over my excess amount of 75 so pay out of my own pocket, into the hundreds (most cured with chicken & rice diet!! Vet RIPOFF'S). Now my renewal figure is 65!!! a month for 4,000 vet bill cover, 1 million liability cover, SO THAT'S 780 A YEAR, MY X5 CAR COVERS 50,000 & 10 MILLION LIABILITY FOR ONLY 440 PER YEAR!! PEOPLE WE ARE BEING RIPPED OFF, VETS PROMOTE THEM AS THEY PAY THEM QUICKLY, WHEREAS FOR A VET TO GET THERE MONEY OUT OF THE LIKES OF TESCOS INSURANCE IS A PAIN, OH DEAR WHAT A SHAME. Well i've voted with my feet, & cancelled my insurance, i'll put the money as that's 4,680 i'm saving over the next 6 years into premium bonds or something & heck earn a bit of interest on it also. & yep when asked: well it's the breed of dog Sir, it's where you live Sir utter nonsense (his a pedigree Weimaraner) People vote with your feet!!!!

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 Premium Bonds and get interest? Are you sure?

comment by: bob, 11 January 2017
4/5   Hassle free payments & service   30 May 2016

Reviewed By: Sharon H, Recommend: Y

I have had Petplan for the last six years of so for all my my cats (Siamese). Having previously used Premier Help U Cover anc Co op which other pets in the past. Petplan do a very good multi pet discount and I currently pay around 48 for life time cover up to 4000 for all three cats that are around 5 to 6yrs of age.. I have recently had to put in a claim for a very high vet bill for one of my cats and Petplan paid up within ten days and paid straight to my vet. Paperwork was hassle free and I have found that if the vets are aware your pet is insured by Petplan then they generally will allow you do a claim direct even with very high amounts and they seem to process the claims promptly and with little hassle. On reading previous reviews of Petplan I am quite taken back at some of the poor service that some people have received from Petplan and some of the excuses for not paying up given by them.. But from my experience I have had none of them.. What happens when it comes to renewal time, I wwait to see how much my policy amount will of gone up by as they generally do.. However, in Petplan defence I have not seen a dramatic rise in premiums in the last few years as my cats get older and I would normally expect that you would always pay a bit more anyhow for pedigree breeds. But so far so good..

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1/5   Poor service, will do anything not to pay out   19 May 2016

Reviewed By: Denise, Recommend:


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 this doesnt usually mean a dentist, most good vets will include a dental check in the annual healthcheck at the time the booster was given, they will usually write on the notes any abnormalities/problems so i would tell petplan that your dog DID have a dental check at the healthcheck, tbh they wont know any different!!!

comment by: Me, 20 October 2016
 The policy does state that you are responsible for taking your dog to the vet annually for a check up, else they are not covered.

comment by: Phil, 10 August 2016
1/5   Ear exclusion   15 December 2015

Reviewed By: Linda Gormley, Recommend:

Our rescue dog developed an ear condition Otitus the veterinary hospital asked how much she was insured for and l stupidly told them about 4000 . The vet then went on to say ok we will do a scan and she can stay overnight ...when we went back they told us she needed an operation to remove her ear canal......after which they said she could sta in the hospital for 3 or four nights....when all complete the bill came to a surprising 3760.02 .......just a few pounds under what she is insured pet plan have refused to pay due to ear exclusion policy........very angry

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 hi if ear conditions were excluded , how can you expect that to be covered ?

comment by: petplan, 30 December 2016
 Angry at pet plan, vet or yourself ? I've never had a vet ask how much is your policy for! Seems you didn't read the policy and got ripped off by the vet!

comment by: Ha ha, 15 October 2016
1/5   Rubbish - complete rip off!   23 November 2015

Reviewed By: Cassie Moorton, Recommend:

I went with pet plan as I had heard good things about them. When I I initially signed up, the woman didn't know what she was talking about and j had to talk her through it, but I just put it down to her possibly being new or something. I have received my renewal and they had increased it by 40%. I called them and the lady told me that it was due to an increase in claims, which is what they all say. The lady told me that it did look slightly high so she would look into it and get back to me. A week later...... Nothing. So I called them again and the lady told me that the last woman shouldn't have even looked into it as the quote is correct and they can't do anything for me and my quote stands. I thought insurance companies were bad but to nearly double my quote and tell me its because more people have claimed! What a rip off! So I asked to cancel and she happily did. Worst customer service, won't go with them again.

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1/5   Dying puppy and they just don   9 November 2015

Reviewed By: Benson, Recommend:

My message to them after months of calls and still no response I am yet to get my money refunded for my puppy ct scans and radiology tests etc from over 2 months ago ...... And at 23 weeks old and he weeks left to live ....... Multiple calls to you letting you know I need the money to buy his pain relief ........... I stopped your payment of 140 per month and you were on the phone within 24 hrs threatening to stop my policy!!!!!!!! I will if not contacted or refunded this week make it my personal business to have every pet owner ...... Dog rescues and alike ( of which I am a member of several) ...... Vets surgeries and the general public aware of how you find this reasonable practice........ My puppy's name is Benson and has support world wide ........ I live in BR5 ..... He is a dogue de Bordeaux and you have owed me over 2000 since September.......

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 You know you're not talking to petplan, right??

comment by: Dave, 23 June 2016
1/5   Disgusting service, unsympathetic customer service   26 October 2015

Reviewed By: Tilly, Recommend:

I called petplan to report my cat missing, as animal Search UK said if I called them and informed them, my sort of policy covers me up to 1500 for advertisement and reward when your pet is missing. I then called pet plan to confirm they would cover the cost of posers and flyers being made for my missing Tilly, they actually refused as they said I should have contacted a local vet within 5 days. She had been missing 6 days so I was only a day over this. The best part is... I actually work for a vets!! I also posted a letter to my local vets telling them Tilly was missing and enclosed a poster I had made myself the previous day as I tried to call them and they were closed. They still refused. I was absolutely disgusted. What was I paying my premiums for? The woman was the most rude sarcastic person I have ever spoken to and was totally unsympathetic to the fact my beloved Tilly was missing. I ended the call and then phoned back 10 minutes later to speak to a manager. I got through to another sarcastic woman who repeated the same thing about reading the terms and conditions, she also told me I have made missing posters myself therefore I can't claim for proper ones being made. How ridiculous. The woman then had the cheek to ask me to complete a customer survey over the phone. I have now cancelled my policy with petplan. Certainly won't be recommending them anymore. Unsympathetic, rude and sarcastic company. Luckily Tilly returned that evening and I have now insured her with a different company.

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5/5   Excellent service   15 October 2015

Reviewed By: Margaret McEwan, Recommend: Y

Have had 5 dogs insured with petplan over 18yrs and have made numerous claims 2of them amounting to 2000-3000 and have never had any problems. When vets hear petplan is the insurer they don't ask for payment upfront and claims are always settled promptly.

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5/5   All claims paid   15 October 2015

Reviewed By: Charlie, Recommend:

Had a kitten with ongoing different problems for a year. Pet plan paid out over 3000 on all treatment including death from illness. Obviously had to pay excess a number of times but excellent service.

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1/5   Horrible treatment of customers   25 September 2015

Reviewed By: Alice, Recommend:

I have had pet insurance with pet plan for over a year now for my cavalier king Charles spaniel. When he was a puppy he had a condition that affected his immune system which showed symptoms on his eyes, instead of looking into what the condition was the sales women put an exclusion on his eyes. I have disputed this fact with them because it isn't an eye condition and now because he has contracted a separate eye condition which needs no treatment and has no connection to the condition he had as a puppy they are refusing to remove the exclusion. I am disgusted in the way that they have dealt with me, no one is listening to me or the numerous letters from my vets. No body is listening to the facts, I have no issue with them putting exclusions on pre existing condition but to exclude an entire eye is just stupid. I care about my pet enough to pay 33 a month to make sure if he does fall ill he is cared for properly like millions of other loving pet owners and for the "number 1 uk pet insurer" to not give a damn about my pet or the customer who is paying 400 a year is horrid.

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 our vet put to sleep our loving cat due to kidney failure...2 weeks later pet plan told us euthanadia and cremation are excluded. So be aware.Pet Plan insist that they do not cover these costs ! Stupid thing, as pets will die somehow someday just as us humans will. I am going to complain to the Ombudsdam anyway as i find this a bit contrary to our pets rights and the amount of money we paid for so long for nothing ?! ... what for to pay a life policy for 10 yrs if at the ende, when they die,… (read more)

comment by: Ceal, 13 May 2016
5/5   Good Cover so far   3 August 2015

Reviewed By: Peter, Recommend:

Shopped around for a week - my premium jumped by 25% due to my dog becoming 7 years old - have never made a claim. This cover is lifetime and a better quality policy than my previous one. Time will tell but hopefully all will be good.

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5/5   Hassle-Free Service   28 July 2015

Reviewed By: Katrin Weeks, Recommend:

I have insured my cat with PetPlan right from the start and unfortunately she is a little bit of an unlucky soul. Withing the first 2 years of her life I had to claim for several emergency treatments (eating tablets, being hit by a car, she got shot with a great big ball bearing by a catapult, some unknown cause leg damage)...I was starting to feel awful but PetPlan have settled time and time again without any hassle - and the claims were being dealt with directly by my vet. I only payed my excess and received the ok via mail. I do recommend them!

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 Kathy, indoor cats don't exist. they are outdoor cats trapped indoors by insecure owners.

comment by: Wightman, 8 January 2017
 Re -Kathy - indoor cats. Its your choice if you want to keep your cats indoors. I now have 5 cats they are allowed outdoors when they want during daylight hours. I believe they have a happier natural life and yes sadly i have lost 1 cat due to a road traffic accident. Cat are more free spirits than dogs so it is accepted you cannot control a cat as you can a dog. I also have dogs. Dont encourage pet insurance companies to put even more exclusions on policies!!!!

comment by: Dee Lyons, 30 May 2016
 Being hit by a car is an accident. It doesn't happen to every cat. Why wouldn't an insurance policy pay? Keeping cats indoors, particularly if more than one cat, is detrimental to their psychological wellbeing. Indoor cats are more like to suffer obesity, urinary problems and behavioural issues. Will you expect to pay the bills for these yourself as it will be your fault given your logic?

comment by: Rachel, 9 October 2015
 Thats exacty why you have insurance?! Good insurance covers you for accidents! Thats like saying dont take your car off the drive...dont ride your horse down the lane...Cats are naturally outdoor animals and to keep them in for your own peace of mind is in my opinion selfish. Yes you may protect the cat but it has to have a fair wouldnt do the same with your kids? Just saying!

comment by: Anon, 9 October 2015
 I don't understand. Speaking only about cats here, but why would any insurance company pay for an owner's negligence? The tablets I can understand. Cats can be quick in picking stuff up off of the floor/counter, etc, but I don't think an insurance company should pay for a cat being hit by a car, getting shot, or having other complications just because the owner allows the cat outside. Good for PetPlan for doing so, but I don't think they should. Cat owners are responsible in keeping their… (read more)

comment by: Kathy, 30 September 2015
1/5   Pet-plan insurance: don't bother   14 July 2015

Reviewed By: Mrs king, Recommend: N

If you want a company that will find ways not to pay, look no further. Pet plan increase the amount payable each month as each year passes. The excess is so high, currently 115 and they will also deduct a further 20% from the bill payable. My dog is 12 years old and I have never claimed yet the cover has tripled in price. Recently The vet advised my dog needed three tooth extractions at a cost of 550. Pet plan will not pay out. The claim was invalidated because there was one year that the dog had not visited the vet. Equally any diseases which result as of her not having seen the vet in that one year will not be covered. I have lost confidence and have been paying thousands for nothing.

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5/5   best pet cover   3 July 2015

Reviewed By: Sarah G., Recommend:

We can always ring them up and speak to someone in person. Cover is the best you can find. Easy to make a claim and payment is quick to our bank account. We recommend to everyone.

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