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The Kennel Club pet insurance

2b Alton House Office Park
Gatehouse Way
HP19 8XU

phone: 0800 369 90 90

Administered and underwritten by Agria.

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Reviews of The Kennel Club pet insurance

1/5   Problems with over charging +SKY HIGH premiums   7 February 2018

Reviewed By: Straffon , Recommend:

As a loyal customer for 10 years with The Kennel Club I have decided to leave them. Premiums have doubled in 2018 and this does not seem fair. £1600 + 20% for my 10 year old dog. ( 1 claim in 10 years) Owners are caught out when their dogs reach an older age. Probably better off looking after your dog with a healthy lifestyle and saving the money. My concern with the underwriters Agria insurance is that they have a new computer system problem where they are taking higher premiums ( more money ) from customers for their renewals than indicated. This means customers may be unaware of this unless you notice. Agria need to repay the customer. They are only doing this if you contact them. Please check your bill if you renewed in Dec 2017 onwards. Agria need to give all this money back that they over charged not just wait for customers to contact them. Contacting them is very difficult as they don't answer the phone. Sad to see a premium brand go so low.

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2/5   Disappointing   20 January 2018

Reviewed By: AJW, Recommend:

Disappointed all round. Poor customer relations. Now cancelled. A very expensive insurance.

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1/5   Absolute disgrace   18 January 2018

Reviewed By: Alex bull, Recommend:

Having been promised it was a lifetime policy only going up with inflation. My policy went from £1200 a year to nearly £2500 a year. The dog is only a year old.

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1/5   Insurance premium doubled!!!   11 January 2018

Reviewed By: Ellie , Recommend:

I received my insurance renewal today and it's doubled £215 last year and this years will be £438. I phoned for an explanation and I was told all insurance premiums have gone up. I said it's not just gone up it's doubled in price. I was told as more people are claiming, vets fees in my area and the age of my dog. He's only a 6yrs old toy dog and we have never claimed. After saying it's unexpectable she offered me to increase the percentage of a claim from 10% to 20% and the premium price has come down by £200!!! What are they doing, are they trying to loss claims. We are the cat with them also and about to collect a new puppy looks like we will be looking elsewhere. Disappointed.

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1/5   Renewal price hike   30 October 2017

Reviewed By: Cedric, Recommend:

I am totally shocked today after receiving my 2 year old dog insurance ( I might add that I have not claimed ) so was baffled when last year it was £735 and this year £1300. How is this be justified

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1/5   Appalling Service   21 July 2017

Reviewed By: Mr Large, Recommend:

I tried to call them today 3 times on differing non free telephone numbers with an average waiting time for 15 minutes no answer before having to hang up!! Need not say more!

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1/5   Will close down insurance with out a care   21 June 2017

Reviewed By: debbie, Recommend:

My pugs insurance was closed down as i missed a direct debit payment,I have a very sick dog,who now has a death sentence thanks to kennel club,been with them since both my dogs were puppys,They dont care.stay clear.

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 Unfortunately if you don't pay a company, the policy would cancel, sorry that your pug is unwell, can imagine the emotion triggered this review

comment by: Obvious?, 8 January 2018

Reviewed By: Geri, Recommend:

I cannot believe how misled I have been by this company. Foolishly, I considered the Kennel Club to be reputable, but how wrong I was. The salesman I dealt with was aggressive and hard sell in procuring my business and I actually felt compromised and somewhat threatened by him during his sales pitch – this should have been a warning, but I thought ‘no, this is the Kennel Club – they’ve got to be reputable’ – wrong! The salesman told me the policy would be £151 and that Kennel Club were categorically cheaper than Petplan, which is not strictly true – what he should have said, had he been honest, would have been ‘we will put your excess to such a ridiculous level that we will be cheaper than Petplan’. My excess was set at £160 with a further 10% excess. This will mean that should my bill be £360, the first £160 is paid by me and the £200 remaining will have a further 10% taken off, meaning that I will get £180. My vet cannot believe how extortionate the excess is and said in all her years of being a vet, she had NEVER seen such a high excess. As per other reviews, no mention of the excess or this bizarre ‘percentage excess’ was made to me by the salesman when setting up the policy. Despite telephoning them to try a (politely) resolve this, I found them to be condescending, patronising and very quick to point out that I am stuck with them now for the duration of the policy. I asked for a call back from their Customer Services and, unsurprisingly, this hasn’t materialised either. This is a cowboy outfit, avoid them at all costs.

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1/5   Do not make my mistake   10 May 2017

Reviewed By: David, Recommend:

We had their top cover for 8 years (since my dog was born) with no claims. When she turned 8 years old they increased the price by over 40%. This is disgraceful customer loyalty. Do NOT go with them, please.

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1/5   Shocking Service and Never Again   12 April 2017

Reviewed By: Mandy , Recommend:

I have had my Boxer Insured with the Kennel Club since he was a puppy,(free 12 weeks) he is now 8. Over the last few years his premiums have steadily increased from around £350-£400 when we took the policy out up to the £800ish mark last year. This year after speaking to the Kennel Club to renew my policy for the 9th year, I have been informed my renewal price will be £1,749 for a dog who has never been ill or injured and only attends the vet once a year for his annual checks and vaccinations which cost the Kennel Club nothing at all, you can imagine my horror. I have asked for a detailed explanation but to date have only been informed I was most probably one of their Customers who have been under charged their premiums over the last 3 years, so watch out, because from what I can ascertain from that, I will not be the only furious Customer this year. My last Boxer was insured by another Company and had numerous problems and operations to the tune of thousands, not once did they question, grumble of hike my premiums up. My Boxer is a Pedigree Kennel Club registered dog and the Kennel Club are not interested in his health and well being there only interest is in the money these dogs can generate for them. My advice find another insurance company

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 I have just been notified that my premium with the Kennel Club is to increase by 125%. My dog is only one so this is his first renewal. We have made a claim but the kennel club insist they do not load premiums following a claim. I called them today and they basically said that their underwriters had under charged for the past few years! Most companies that made a mistake would take the knock themselves not pass the whole lot on to their customers. I have 2 other dogs that have been insured… (read more)

comment by: Jayne Hayward, 12 July 2017
1/5   really dissapointed   15 March 2017

Reviewed By: sarah spiers, Recommend:

recently had some some communication with kennel club regarding breeding i spoke initially when i took out the policy i was given the wrong information and i phone to change my policy i couldn't due to the wrong information i emailed to complain i was told some one would call me that day i never received the call its took over two weeks to get an out come and one that I'm not happy with i wouldn't recommend them at all i feel they were totally incompetent and to be honest wouldn't have confidence using them any more

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1/5   28 days insurance actually only 14 days   7 February 2017

Reviewed By: P Robson, Recommend:

My puppy developed cherry eye within 7 days of having her. I was advised by the vet to have surgery as the cherry was too large to treat otherwise. I called Kennel Club and they sai that because the condition is classed as an illness and within the first 14 days of the policy that she was not covered by the 28 days free insurance. Miss advertising at its best

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1/5   Look for Insurance - not with this company   27 January 2017

Reviewed By: Ann B, Recommend:

I have 4 animals insured by them 2 cats 2 dogs. I would say in the past couldn't complain really of recent everything is a query which is spun out as long as possible plainly they are looking to save as much money as possible but I don't notice that in the yearly increase in premiums. The dogs were insured from their breeders so can't have existing conditions - both have ongoing health issues. The cats are rescues and are now nearly 10 until now been very healthy.I dared to put a claim in on one of the cats All 4 animals are a problem to this insurer I have in the last month had 3 outstanding queries including a double excess claim which they chose to miss ( 2dog claims 1 cat). I would suggest looking else where for insurance I am stuck with them wouldn't use them again for sure. By the way make a complaint and it is logged in file 13 never to be dealt with or is it they have so many complaints they cant deal with them

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1/5   Just dont   17 August 2016

Reviewed By: Scott, Recommend:

Joined Kennel Club insurance as I had a free trial when I bought my puppy and, stupidly, thought the Kennel Club name would guarantee some standard of service. The price doubled within a year. I was told as I'd made a claim I was tied into another year at the inflated price. The customer service was shocking. Just don't think the name stands for anything. I felt this company would steal my teeth and come back for the gums. Consider yourself warned!

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 I bet you were give an introductory offer when you started your first year, people always forget this then complain when their premiums are higher next year.

comment by: Ed, 17 February 2017
 had a similar experience with k c insurance myself would never reccomend them or trust there 5 weeks free insurance again

comment by: carole hirst, 9 November 2016
 Did you have a claim in that period of insurance? If you did it is standard practice for all insurers to require the full annual premium. It's the same kind of principle as having a phone contract, if you want to cancel the contract then you are required to pay off the rest of it as you are paying for the handset as well.

comment by: A, 11 October 2016
5/5   Excellent .Thank You again Kennel Club   13 June 2016

Reviewed By: SS, Recommend:

Update:Just received confirmation letter Kennel Club have paid my vet direct minus £85 excess and the 10 percent I agreed to at the time of taking the policy out in return for lower premium.Excellent fast service and caring staff.Can't thank them enough I would not have been able to afford the expertise and wonderful care from the vets for my 11 month golden retriever who has Steroid Responsive Meningitis without them.He still needs on going treatment at present but is responding well.I RECOMMEND THE KENNEL CLUB LIFELONG POLICY to all pet owners.Trust me IT COULD SAVE YOUR PETS LIFE.

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5/5   Thank you kennel club   8 June 2016

Reviewed By: SS, Recommend:

So far so good awaiting decision on high claim for life saving treatment for very sick dog but received a call from a very caring staff member to say my claim form had arrived much appreciated at this moment in time keep you posted also my precious baby is responding to treatment

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3/5   The jury   30 April 2016

Reviewed By: L, Recommend:

This is a hard review to write to present a balanced picture for the reader. I took out insurance with the KC 13 years ago for my labrador. I was advised they were the 'best' insurance company around. I chose the best cover I could afford and was impressed that they would offer life time cover and for a blissful amount of time I didn't have to make claims or if I had they were minimal. But the premiums kept going up and up despite not needing to claim which I never got a satisfactory response about. Now my darling dog is older she is having more and more problems and I have had to claim to the effect of about £2,500 this year. They have paid out but the 20% per claim, and the £65 percentage excess, really make the overall amount they actually pay you takes a hit. I have £5000 cover each year but as usual there are so many restrictions it doesn't truly make sense. My last renewal was approaching £2,000 and I am dreading what the renewal is going to be next month. So whether I'd recommend them I really don't know and I don't know whehter the rating I've given them is fair - hence my long posting. If I could go back to before my dog was 8 I should probably have moved her. Long-term the KC are not cost effective.

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 Premiums always go up year by year with lifetime cover, its not unusual! Trust me it would be cost effective if your pet got very ill

comment by: Ed, 17 February 2017
 You can go somewhere else but why would you because then nothing you have ever made a claim for before will be covered. So in actual fact you aren't free to go anywhere else!

comment by: Susie, 12 February 2017
 Problem is if you move to another insurance company they won't cover any problems dog had before they started insurance so you're hands are tied

comment by: lesley, 9 February 2017
 Pet insurance has more similarities with private healthcare insurance than say vehicle insurance. There is NO such thing as a no claims discount in pet insurance. Your premiums WILL go up regardless of what company you go with. Generally speaking specialist pet insurers like KC tend to be better for premium increases than none specialist. I have spoken to people who have had ridiculous premium increases. One gentleman who was with Tesco who's premium went from £42pm to £120pm. However it is a… (read more)

comment by: A, 11 October 2016
 You are totally able to go somewhere else. They cannot make you stay with them.

comment by: Brenda, 13 September 2016
 I totally agree with you it is going up year after year! It looks like I will have to look around for a better deal!

comment by: Ena Kerrigan, 18 June 2016
 I totally agree with you it is going up year after year! It looks like I will have to look around for a better deal!

comment by: Ena Kerrigan, 18 June 2016
1/5   Be warned - check it out   11 February 2016

Reviewed By: Coralie , Recommend:

I have Kennel Club pet insurance which I carried on from the purchase of my dog. This has gone up and up without any claims being made. A renewal letter is sent out saying the insurance will be renewed if you don't reply. What they don't tell you is that the insurance period is for one year so if you pay by instalments and something happens to your pet you have to continue paying the instalments or pay the whole cost up front. When requesting to cancel the policy I was told that I would have to continue paying or pay the whole amount immediately and this was all in page 16 of the policy. I now have Tesco insurance who are brilliant. You choose your level of cover, if anything happens your payments stop and they have been brilliant with claims.

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 This review is so stupid, you're annoyed because you claimed and then couldn't just end the insurance straight away??

comment by: Ed , 8 October 2016
 Yes, this. Reading the reviews I'm obviously not the only one. Had lots of dogs throughout my life and lots of policies. Never felt so completely ripped off.

comment by: Scott, 17 August 2016
 I found them expensive and total rubbish to deal with, my husband passed away so my son cancelled this insurance as I found it too expensive but they kept telling me my husband was the only one that could cancel, In the end I lost it and said have you no idea how stressful it is losing a loved one without listening to your rubbish.,I call that harassment how can a dead person cancel anything

comment by: Genny Ward, 17 June 2016
5/5   Excellet   18 August 2015

Reviewed By: Shelley mattocks, Recommend:

Been with kc nearly 6 years, our boxer had several accidents Brocken nails mainly, every allergy going, thyroid problems, 2 lumps removed, dental work on a cracked tooth, eppilus removed and died of heart failure age 5 years and 8 months. We have made over £10,000 worth of claims and never been refused any claim, they aren't quick at dealing with the claim and premiums exculated from £35 per month to £120 per month by the time he was 5 but well worth having life time cover

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1/5   Agria   29 July 2015

Reviewed By: Rj, Recommend: N

Kennel club use agria and another company for third party element. Thought they were great but never had to claim till this year and even though it costs a lot more you don't get a payout if they think you have waited too long before getting treatment. There premium without the abroad cover is in excess of £500. You have to have. A really sick dog to get them to pay out but don't think they will pay on dogs over nine.

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 It's not that they don't pay out on dogs over 9 it's that they wont start a NEW policy for a dog at the maximum age depending on the breed of dog. Their policies are lifetime, they don't stop insuring just because you dog has gone over that age.

comment by: rob, 5 November 2015
1/5   Less for more £   28 July 2015

Reviewed By: Norma , Recommend:

We have been with KC insurance for 7 years and have seen premiums double in this time. They have increased vet fees benefit but reduced age of dog to pay out for death from illness from 10 yrs to 9 yrs. I would not recommend this insurance as it is a rip off. I have not made a claim but be warned they won't pay out when you do.

Comment on this Review | Was this review helpful to you?      
 I feel a lot of people have the wrong impression of what pet insurance is and to some extent that is not surprising given the way it is marketed. It is essentially a gamble. You bet your pet is going to need treatment that exceeds the cost of your premiums and the insurance company bets that it will not. The bet has to be reevaluated each time you come up for renewal and you need to read the policy carefully at that time in order to make an informed decision. People with pets and… (read more)

comment by: Stan , 17 October 2016
 Just to clarify - you say they won't pay out if you make a claim but you actually have never made a claim. And also they don't pay out for the death of the dog after a certain age. As far as I'm aware most companies have these restrictions... or atleast the companies I've been with do

comment by: William, 27 April 2016
2/5   too long to wait for an answer!   18 May 2015

Reviewed By: christine, Recommend:

have just been informed that a claim I put in three weeks ago hasn't even been looked at yet and won't be until at least the end of the week. I need to know whether they will pay out as my boxer needs more treatment and I can't afford to progress without knowing whether I am covered. Far too long to wait for a yes/no answer. My cats are covered under another insurance and they confirmed acceptance within a few days.

Comment on this Review | Was this review helpful to you?      
 Similar thing happened to me,I heard yesterday they refused my Very Expensive claim on an opt out clause .....I am so Angry

comment by: Jane, 29 September 2016
5/5   Fantastic policy   3 May 2015

Reviewed By: Deb Nicholl-Holt, Recommend:

We would never have been able to afford the £7500 which the insurance company paid for the treatment for the life threatening blood condition our Cocker spaniel Molly developed. As a result we had her company for an extra 2 years. When we finally had to make the decision for euthanasia due to another condition the policy not only paid for vet fees and cremation but also refunded her purchase price as she was under 8 years old. We can't recommend it any more highly!

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5/5   real cover for pedigrees   8 February 2015

Reviewed By: will, Recommend: Y

I'm glad I went with KC for my bulldog. Even though the excess is quite high, they have covered all my Harry's skin conditions and cherry eye. The insurance I had for my other bulldog who died last year wouldn't cover him for anything. They came back with, we don't cover this on bulldogs or that. Nice to have an insurer who doesn't treat me different just because of my breed of dog!

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5/5   Thanks god for the breeding cover!   8 January 2015

Reviewed By: Rowena, Recommend: Y

I chose this cover because they were the only company offering insurer offering breeding cover on there standard policy. At the age of two I added it to the policy when I had found a Crufts winner stud dog. Thank god I added it as she needed an emergency caesarean when whelping. All paid no fuss! We have a bunch of healthy puppies with a potential to show. Thanks Kennel Club

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4/5   Good and Bad Points   6 January 2015

Reviewed By: johno, Recommend: Y

My dog had been diabetic since he was a puppy and has always been able to claim on the medication(which is saving me an absolute fortune). But because he hurt his leg with the breeder before he was insured. I haven't been able to claim on arthritis he's had in the same leg.

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5/5   Glad to have   26 November 2014

Reviewed By: Nina, Recommend: Y

Had another pet insurance company, but that company kept raising rates every year. Changed to KC and have been very happy. Three claims have been made by vets for our dogs and all have been paid with no quibble.

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1/5   Aggresive sales   12 November 2014

Reviewed By: robert silcock, Recommend: N

I took out insurance for my boxer pup, unfortunately she has needed an orthopaedic investigation after 2 years . On checking the policy there is £85 excess and 20% excess which was mentioned at point of sale. In essence misold the policy via a telephone slaes pitch

Comment on this Review | Was this review helpful to you?      
 How have you been 'mis-sold' the policy when you even state yourself that the excess was told to you at the point of sale?

comment by: Jimbob, 5 February 2016
4/5   Really Helped   14 October 2014

Reviewed By: GGP, Recommend: Y

We have been paid over £1000 the last year for claims for our collie. Not sure if we would be able to afford our sweet dog if it wasn't for this insurance.

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5/5   great service   30 August 2014

Reviewed By: Mia-Lou, Recommend: Y

From the initial call to the claim process I cannot thank this company enough I had my French bulldog pup on a free insurance with the kennel club when I picked her up. while she was in the free period she jumped out of my sons arms and broke her leg I called and spoke to a lovely girl who explained everything in a very sympathetic and clear manner how to fill in the form to claim for her surgery. A week or so later I had a call from another young girl asking if I would like to continue the insurance she was very helpful explaining the different types of cover and explained that if anything reoccurred with that leg then which policy would be the best although it was a bit more expensive the cover level was higher so thought it would be worth it, and am I glad I did since them Maisey has had 2 more op's on that leg, physio and hydrotherapy all have been paid without a quibble and straight to the vet which was also and advantage as I didn't have to find the money myself. Well done Kennel club and when maisey's new sister arrives later in the year I know where I will be going.

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5/5   always been fair   16 August 2014

Reviewed By: karen, Recommend: Y

i have had two English bull terriers covered with the kennel club and i can honestly say they have always been very fair and have made payments straight to my vets and so we have never had to pay up front,the staff have always been very friendly and most helpful.

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