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Argos pet insurance

489-499 Avebury Boulevard
Central Milton Keynes

phone: 0845 640 0723

Three levels of coverage: silver, gold and platinum.

Argos Pet Insurance is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA).

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Reviews of Argos pet insurance

1/5   Taken advantage of at renewal   21 March 2017

Reviewed By: Christine, Recommend:

Have had Argos pet cover for 8 years. For the first 5 years the increases each year despite being excessive we stayed with them but in the last 3 years have become totally unreasonable. The quote just received for our border collie was £1185.73. In the last 3 years this premium has increased by 320% and and at the same time our excess risen from £65 to £165. They have little respect in the fact that they have already made profits from us to date and we have remained loyal to them. This makes the future costs of staying with them impossible so we have looked elsewhere and found cover at nearly half the price. This is not the way to treat a loyal and faithful policyholder.

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5/5   Have not been able to fault them at all   16 March 2017

Reviewed By: Andrea, Recommend:

My dog got ill aged 4 and sadly he had to be put to sleep within 10 ten days of becoming ill. Each time I contacted Argos they were very helpful and kind. Claims paid directly to the vet and neurologist within four or five days, also to myself. Total was over £3000 Before the claim premiums went up each year by one or two quid. Will insure our new pup with them too.

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1/5   Disgusting company   14 March 2017

Reviewed By: Divad setay, Recommend:

It becomes quite obvious reading about outrageous price increases (which we have also suffered) that it's a policy made to put off long standing customers as their animals get older and may cost more in vets bills Complain to the relevant ombudsman

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1/5   DO NOT BUY THIS INSURANCE   15 February 2017

Reviewed By: smiler, Recommend:

I have had dog insurance with Argos for 7 years. For the first 5 years the premium was "ok". When my dog became 6 years old my insurance premiums sky rocketed by £24 a month rise. They went from £34 a month to £55 a month (£21 a month increase). I have just received my renewal for this year and my dog is now 7 years old (my dog is extremely healthy and I have not claimed for her) and my new premium is £83 a month. That's an increase of £28 per month for a healthy dog I have never claimed for. In two years my monthly premiums have increased by £52 per month from £34 per month to £83 per month for a cross breed healthy dog. It is an absolute rip off. They want to insure your dog when its young but when it becomes "middle aged" they hike your insurance up so much you cant actually afford to pay it so they then don't have "hassle" of insuring a older dog along with the risk of the problems that come with older dogs. My advice is STAY WELL AWAY FROM THIS INSURANCE COMPANY and go to an insurance company that does not completely rip you off.

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1/5   Too greedy to care   15 November 2016

Reviewed By: Sharon Callaghan, Recommend:

Having recently cancelled my pet insurance by telephone with Argos Pet Insurance I feel I have to write to formally state my absolute disgust at the recent price increase to continue to insure my ageing labrador dog via Argos (underwritten by RSA). As a longstanding, loyal customer of 11 years I have accepted the ongoing increase year on year but was insulted at the obscene increase in excess of 60% from £158 per month to £250 per month premium amounting to £3,000 a year expected payment. Having spoken to one of your Argos Pet Insurance agents and also her manager to query the increase I thought must surely have been an administrative error I feel that Argos as the broker absolves itself totally by blaming the veterinary profession for its' high fees and denies responsibility for any increase as being controlled by RSA who apparently (as stated on their website) "put our customers at the heart of everything we do". Clearly you do not. I had hoped that through negotiation and common sense an agreement could be met to reduce this unconscionable increase in premium. Again, clearly not. Moreover, Argos website declares "IT’S SMILES ALL ROUND AT THE HOME OF HAPPY PETS". Bobbiedog is not a happy pet and I am certainly not a happy pet owner. I'd like to thank you for your customer service during the last 11 years but now having been treated completely unfairly, I feel I cannot. Collectively you operate a greedy corporate practice that is too big to care. Shame on you all.

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 Exactly the same has happened to me they know no one else will insure you . I will never use this company again and have recommended no one else does.

comment by: Lynn Watson , 25 February 2017
 Thank you for leaving this review. As a new puppy owner we had been looking at Argos as a provider for Pet Insurance. We are not looking at them any longer. Hope you pet remains happy and healthy with it's new provider.

comment by: New Labrador Owner , 19 January 2017
 I totally agree with you! I have been with Argos pet insurance for about 9 years ( 2 dogs) On my last renewal it went up so much!! I'm not even giving them a chance to renew my policy in march!! Only ever claimed once and it wasn't a great amount!!!

comment by: Sharon Sheriff, 15 January 2017
3/5   Good insurer, expensive renewals   9 October 2016

Reviewed By: Ms P., Recommend:

My dog and cat have been insured with Argos for years, they've always been brilliant at paying out quickly when I have needed them, and their vetphone service is great. I've recently had to cancel though because the premiums on my renewal are no longer affordable. While I understand that I have claimed twice over the years, neither claim was particularly expensive or long-term. Neither animal is particularly old for their breeds either. Great for new customers and when making a claim, but not brilliant price-wise when you've been insured for a while.

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 Yes I totally agree with this #, I have found the same.

comment by: B Burgess, 20 October 2016
1/5   Rip off   14 August 2016

Reviewed By: Suze, Recommend:

I have had dog insurance for 5years My dog had a problem withher ears in march 2013 and then again in September 2015 ,in June. 2016 she had more ear problems resulting in a perforated ear drum ,she was sedated so her ear could be cleaned and the bill was £317,I didn't claim on the first 2 occasions as it was just medication costing £70 .Argos are refusing to pay as they are saying my insurance is paid yearly and there is longer than 12 months between vet visits .My policy starts in August so as far as I am concerned the year is August to August .customer service is terrible and on top of all that my monthly bill has gone up by a third .Goodbye and good riddance

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2/5   Argos pet insurance 2016   18 July 2016

Reviewed By: Ingrid Ellis, Recommend:

I was insured with Argos for one year only. Unfortunately I had not spotted the fact that with my particular insurance every condition is only insured for the first year, so in protest I left. The last claim I made was for some £600 and they first paid some £300. Upon querying they said they had to check with my vet. The next query was the same. In the end they said my claim extended beyond the end of the insurance. This was not true. So they paid another ca £300 and I am to this day still querying the last ca £25 outstanding. Would never reinsure with them.

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2/5   Good as long as you don   24 June 2016

Reviewed By: Yvette, Recommend:

I have insured my cats with Argos for 11 years. Initially it was a good competitive price. Then I had one claim about 5 years ago and boy, I have been paying for it ever since, for both cats. The premium jumped considerately and this year the price has jumped over £100.00 to £451.00 for the year that would make premiums for both cats to nearly £1000.00 I have decided that they clearly are not interested in keeping my business so I have decided not to insure my cats, but instead save the money. I did look at downgrading the policy, but because I had one claim several years ago that was not possible. Before insuring your animals, check the reviews but I won;t be recommending Argos Pet Insurance.

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5/5   Cant fault them   12 May 2016

Reviewed By: Mrs A Stewart, Recommend:

I have had argos pet insurance for my two dogs for over 2 years now, i have claimed mabe 5 times now( dogs run about the woods every day and one of them had skin allergy) and i have to say they have paid out every time no problem at all and my premium has stayed the same(so far). Would highly recommend them to date.

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1/5   Dont touch   10 May 2016

Reviewed By: W7 Dave, Recommend:

Don't touch them. My dog's premium was increased from £30 per month to £53 per month. On top of this they told me they would no longer settle any claims for my dog's existing condition and then they would not settle my march claim saying it was outside the time limit although it wasn't. I wrote them a letter about a month ago but never had a reply,I have phoned them on two occasions and find them very rude and the message comes across TOUGH. Once again keep away.

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3/5   RIDICULOUS INCREASE   13 February 2016

Reviewed By: Nancy Gara, Recommend:

I took out pet Insurance with Argos 5 years ago for my now 7 year old Shetland Sheepdog. In the first year the premium was £8, following year the renewal went up to just over £17, and increased each year by massive amounts. My current premium is just over £60 and my renewal came in yesterday at £just over £97. I have made no claims for my dog for over 2 years. I have spoken to Argos in the past and one excuse was that because of our postal code they find the vet's fees to be higher??? My dog has a heart murmur which has never required treatment and can not actually be heard by some vets but because of this I am unable to move to another insurer as her heart would not be covered for any ailment. Also minor ailments over the years such as sickness bug, ear infection would mean that her ears or gastric problems would not be covered. Basically caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Be very wary about low premiums offered as they are unlikely to remain that way. I had initially been with PetPlan and wish I had stayed with them. Argos and other companies like them are nothing but rip off merchants. They are also slow in paying out for claims.

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4/5   So Far So Good   19 January 2016

Reviewed By: Nathan, Recommend:

Took out pet insurance after shopping around in October last year. By the beginning of December our little puppy needed an operation to remove a histiocytoma next to his eye, we paid upfront and sent the form off Via the vets. Slowest thing about this was the receptionist losing the original claim form. A few days later I receive a text to confirm that my form had been received and that advisors were looking at this, a couple of days later the payment was in my bank which I thought was an incredibly good turn around. Alot of people will only write reviews when it's to complain and I was a little worried when i started reading reviews after purchasing the insurance however I don't really know what I was worried about. I suppose you only know just how good your insurance is when you have to claim and in this case they were very good. I did also speak to them about the whole procedure over the phone and they answered immediately to what sounded like a British call centre, who were all really helpful. I'll just keep an eye out for the renewal price as I see a lot of people have complained about that. But for now Argos have impressed.

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3/5   High Renewal Quote   15 December 2015

Reviewed By: AJW, Recommend:

I've been with these for 6 years now, had a £95 claim paid in August but my platinum renewal quote has now gone up from £221.00 to £528.00 ouch!!! an increase of over 100%. I queried this quote with Argos which took over 2 weeks to get an answer and they were adamant that this price increase was correct with no offers of any reduction or incentive for been a loyal and valid customer. So unfortunately I've had to cancel the policy and look else where.

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1/5   67% increase for no reason whatsoever!!   15 November 2015

Reviewed By: Julie Moore, Recommend:

have had insurance with Argos Pet Insurance for the last 3 years - have not claimed once during this time - my pet is 6 years old - when the renewal came through the premium had gone up by 67%!! when I questioned them they managed to reduce it by £150 on the phone straightaway but at this point I had totally lost faith in them so have moved elsewhere - would not recommend them at all

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 With Argos for 3 years never claimed started at £210 now want£427.looked online at Argos same insurance platinum £285.Rang Argos was told take out new quote but won't be covered for 10 days,so that's £150 to stay covered so animal friends got a new customer this year £215.

comment by: John, 20 November 2016
 This year my Argos dog insurance has jumped from £23.45 to £41.45. Six year old dog, never claimed. Customer services not interested. Bye Argos - hello KwikFit.

comment by: Sarah, 8 December 2015
2/5   Argos 2015 renewal   6 November 2015

Reviewed By: lyn, Recommend:

Have had platinum insurance on my dog for past 6 years. one small claim (about £75) a few years ago - thats been it. Objected last year to hike in price by £10 per month, but they would not budge. just got this years renewal through - increased from £42.48 to £74.00 ?????? about a 76% increase - for what???? looking around ...............

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 Same ours has gone up from £93.26 to £137.26 that's £44.00, almost 50% increase for never claiming and paying ontime.

comment by: paul, 9 November 2015
 I have had the same experience with Argos. Monthly payments risen by £20.00 ! Rang but staff not interested!

comment by: Kris, 7 November 2015

Reviewed By: Tosca, Recommend:

My little boy needed vet treatment Argos paid up within days of receiving my claim form brilliant. Highly recommend. Thx. Tosca made a full recovery. His story is on Bromyard Vets face book page.Not for the fainthearted. Quite graffic. Thx Agos.

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4/5   Pet ins.   7 October 2015

Reviewed By: C Ritchie, Recommend:

My dog had eye surgery argos paid out . The procedure was not difficult claiming and they paid out quick. However the next years premium went up by about 25% , otherwise would have stayed with them .

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 Did you find that their premiums increased after a year?

comment by: Mr Phelps, 20 November 2015
4/5   They've been good but watch out .....   23 September 2015

Reviewed By: Penny , Recommend:

I've been with Argos since getting my cat (as a kitten) and have the platinum service which has been good and comprehensive. In the past 5 years I have made 1 small claim in 2011, my annual premium started at £79 rising every year but for the past 3 years it's been around £112 (it was more but haggled) this year it's £159.00! I spoke to Argos yesterday and queried the price hike. I had obtained an online quote from the Argos website for the same cover and it was £113. Was told that this was because the wouldn't be paying for existing conditions on new customers - said that my cat was well and didn't have any existing conditions but they won't budge on the price. Shop around!!!

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5/5   Brilliant service   20 May 2014

Reviewed By: Jane, Recommend: Y

We have recently been through a distressing time which culminated in the death of our dog. Argos staff have been compassionate and efficient. They have dealt with our claims with the minimum of fuss and paid out in full, including the cremation. I would not hesitate in using them again and recommending their service. We are grateful for their help and not adding to our burden at this sad time

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4/5   Premiums   19 May 2014

Reviewed By: Trina, Recommend: Y

I've bee online all afternoon! Thought I would check argos out. I'm looking to buy a policy for one of my cats who is well. I'm with Animal Friends at the moment with my other cat who has an on going treatment. He has an overactive thyroid. I'm not happy with finding out about the 35% co payment! So I want to cancel the policy for my cat that is well and find someone else. Checked out argos and they are asking £12 something a month. That is for a limetime policy but there's isn't cheap.

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5/5   Excellent Company   25 March 2014

Reviewed By: Jane Gastre, Recommend: Y

I took my policy out nearly five years ago and had the ultimate package (Platinum) and my dog had terrible health conditions, which were all paid promptly by Argos. She died just before her 5th birthday and Argos paid a compensatory payment towards her purchase price. This did not bring her back, but helped me purchase another pet. I wanted to renew with Argos, but could not afford them this time. They were excellent in every way and I could not fault them in the slightest.

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4/5   Good So Far   14 March 2014

Reviewed By: Samuel , Recommend: Y

We have only had this insurance for a year and have had no problems. Had a vet bill over £3000 and Argos was very helpful and paid with no quibble.

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 Would love to know what your premium is now 2 years on.

comment by: CSB, 6 July 2016
1/5   Appalling renewal experience   22 April 2013

Reviewed By: Penny, Recommend: N

I have my cat insured with Argos Pet Insurance On 22nd April I received a letter from Argos dated 16th April telling me that my insurance was due for renewal on 17th April!! Clearly the date for this had passed. I also received another letter dated 16th April referring to the first letter they had sent me on the 16th April asking for payment again as I had not responded to the renewal request I was appalled with this situation and particularly concerned that my cat may not be insured any more without me realising this and that I had been given no time to consider if I wanted to renew my premium based on the new price or not. I rang the call center and spoke to Chris Gareth who was not at all helpful, could not give any explanation for why this had occurred and seemed to act as if this was normal practice without even apologising for the situation. I asked to speak to a manager and was told that he could refer me to one but no one would be available to get back to me for 3 days!! I would never trust this company again and would certainly never renew with them

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 I had the same experience but they didn't send any reminder or chaser at all. I just suddenly thought it was about time I paid so checked my record and contacted them when I realised it was about a month overdue. They apologised for their mistake and luckily nothing had happened to my dog in the interim period but they were clear that anything that had happened wouldn't be paid and would be excluded, even though my payment was going to be back-dated to the original renewal date to ensure… (read more)

comment by: Jessica, 8 June 2015
1/5   Arrogant staff especially Heidi!   27 November 2011

Reviewed By: Steve H, Recommend: N

I have been with Argos for 7 claim free years but when the recent renewal came through with another increase this time of 30% I thought I would see if they can reduce the premium. After 20 minutes on the phone getting nowhere a supervisor called HEIDI who was a total waste of space and arrogant threatened me that the calls are being recorded (that should be her worry not mine as she was ruder than I or my wife were)said that she could not tell me if other premiums had been reduced and said that ours had gone up due to a number of claims in our area. I was only asking if they could give me some loyalty reduction but HEIDI was having none of it and when I said I may cancel she done it promptly. NEVER USE ARGOS, wrong information on the system, rude staff massive hikes in premiums. AVOID

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 Never, never, never renew - ALWAYS ask for a re-quote.

comment by: G unit, 3 February 2016
 We have just received our new renewal quote. It has gone up to £329.95 a year. On my I Pad Argos quote platinum from £117 a year. I rang and they said it all depends on where you live, what your vet in the area charges, what breed your dog is and whether it has been spayed. Our dog is only 4, we have never claimed and he has nothing wrong with him. How can there be such a big difference between what they quote on line and what we are paying. They were adamant that it depended on the… (read more)

comment by: Anon, 30 January 2015
1/5   dont insure your beloved pets with these   25 May 2011

Reviewed By: gail, Recommend: N

these are the worse company i have dealt with i have had my dog insured with these for four years when i came to make a claim they made every excuse in the book to not pay out if you love your pet do not touch these

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1/5   never again   25 October 2010

Reviewed By: terina taylor, Recommend: N

argos promised me it would take upto 10 days to send a cheque and i should pay the vets bill i explained that i would have to use our holiday money and they said you will get it back within 10 days a month later i'm still waiting and when i phoned them for the tenth time i was told it will take another month as we are so behind with claims i had to cancel my holiday due to argos not telling the truth and i'm out of pocket for a holiday

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